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Dariush: "Booyeh Khoobeh Gandom"
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Behrad writes:

These are incredible! They are the front and back cover of "Booyeh Khoobe Gandom" the song that Daryush sang in the 70's, and I think it was the beginning of the end... If this song didn't start it, it sure helped feed the "anti shah" student/college movement in Iran.

The front cover of the record itself, as you can see, says "not permitted for broadcast in radio or television...." I happened to have 2 of these records.... On an occasion, I presented one copy to Shahyar Ghanbari, the song's lyricist... He was so surprised!! He signed my copy with the kind words you see on the picture.

Finally, Mr. Ghanbari refers to this song as "Booyeh Khoobeh Gandom," not "Booyeh Gandom," as we all refer to it. He should know; he wrote it!

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