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Mohammad Khatami
Internet survey

January 5, 2000
The Iranian

The fourth highest number of votes (10%) in The Iranian survey went to President Mohammad Khatami. His supporters say he has given Iran a human face with his rational and democratic policies. See comments from voters below.

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- Democracy

- Internal revolution
- Human values

- Trying
- Steady

- Smartest
- Fighting morons
- Media
- Islam into life
- Simple reasons
- Pragmatic
- Slow but sure

- Extraordinary
- New vs. old

- Making a difference
- Personal
- Conservative

- Toward...
- Liking Iran

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Internal revolution

* The first Iranian politician to realize that our next revolution needs to be an internal one: one in which we change the way we relate to each other and ourselves. Behzad Sadeghi

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* He is the only pragmatic element in the Iranian political system that may have a chance to transform the system into a form of acceptable republic, from inside. Fereydoun Taslimi

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* Because he is the only one who is trying to make I ran more civilized. Fazezeh Abedi-Tari

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* He is the only one that has attacked the fundamental cause of the problems we are facing in Iran in a constructive way, namely the culture. Mohammad Soleimani

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* For his continuous and everlasting efforts on behalf of the Iranian people, for his extraordinarily delicate attitude and patience in hard times and crises, and for all he has done -- given that he was only human; though a distinguished one, shall I say. Ramin Golestanian

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* He is the smartest living president in the world. Mehdi Farid

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New vs. old

* My choice for Iranian of the century is President Khatami because after all he has attempted to break into new ties and get rid of the old repressed ways of the Iranian system in the government and its society. Neda Sefardi

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* My vote goes for President Khatami. This guy has addressed me personally on Iranian National TV and invited me to my father's country. Cyrus Keshmiri

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* Because for the first time he is laying the ground work for a gradual but rational and sustainable democracy based on peaceful means rather than overnight changes and harsh methods. Asghar Dashti

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Making a difference

* For trying to make a difference in our lives and the lives of the future kids of Iran. Siavash. S.

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Fighting morons

* Beacuse he has to fight with many morons in inside the country and improve things regardless of what stupid people think. Popak Roshan

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* He has brought big changes in the media and the way of thinking in Iran for the first time in our history. Poya Hashemi

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Simple reasons

* My choice is Mr. Khatami for simple facts, but ones that brought hope to our nation in despair. For simple reasons like his smile which won the heart of millions of Iranians, his compassionate speeches, his calm and peaceful demeanor and for wearing his wedding ring at all times. For more serious reasons, I choose Mr. Khatami because of his liberal reform program. His program opened new doors for Iran, politically, economically and socially. His program uplifted people's spirit and their will to live. I praise him for not giving in nor being intimidated by the hard-liners. Whether he will win this fight or not, he will be remembered for many years to come. Saghi Zarinkalk

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Islam into life

* I would like to note that the Iranian who made the greatest change was, and still is Mohammed Khatami, the current president, and this is because he managed, or is trying, to unite all currents in Iran, and to unite the way of Islam and putting it into practice in everyday life. Even those who oppose him ideologically will agree that this way of life- putting Islam into action in every single way in life- is a very great ideal. Noam Shahaf

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* My favorite Iranian of the cetury is Mohammad Khatami becauze he looks like the person who is going to make some difference in Iranian social structure and inject some very needed democracy to Irans ill body. Hassan

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Slow but sure

* For the efforts and strides he has made for Iran, especially on an internationaly level. Iran now has investors from Holland, France and Italy. Iranians have a voice and a right to vote. He has a female vice-president, showing women are capable and encouraged to have a public life and career. While he is criticized a lot for not being strong enough, I feel he is doing a good job of keeping both factions happy, as much as possible, while trying to bring more freedom to Iranians. The process is slow, to overthrow tyranny, without violence, which is what I think Khataimi wants to do. L Asadi

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Human values

* He, with the help of the people, started to show the real face of Islam to all human beings. His proposal for dialog between the nations will give a very human face to Iranians, and Iran can be the centre of the world. Actually I think by selecting him as the Iranian of the century we are selecting the Iranian way of thinking for human values. Alireza Asadi-Khomami

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* For his taking Iran toward a more accepteble democracy. Ashkan Xerves

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Liking Iran

* My choice is Mr. Khatami because he has allowed the freedom upon his people and Iran has become a more pleasent place to be and talk about. Plus more countries are begininng to like it. Mona Jamshidi

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* Steady change is what's needed and he seems to be on the right track. Fereidoun

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