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I just felt the urge
I can't say if many Americans agree with me, but

By Dave Marshall
February 5, 2002
The Iranian

I don't know really where to start or how to explain why I'm writing, but I guess I'll start with who I am.

My name is Dave and I'm 33-years old. An American from Los Angeles.

I feel compelled to write to you because I know of no other forum that might allow me to speak my mind.

I am embarrassed and angered that President Bush, in his State of the Union address last week, labelled Iran as a rogue nation and part of the triumvirate "Axis of Evil". It's a total disgrace for me to be associated with such vitriol.

I have no allegiance to Iran, to Islam, to Arabs, or to any other peoples or cultures toward whom America seems to be directing its anger. However, I will say that I am sympathetic to the Islamic and Arab anger toward America that is evident around the world.

I live abroad and hate that I have to be extremely cautious when I travel. I'd like to travel to Iran in the near future, but am not sure of the reception I'd receive. I do not support the policies of my government, nor do I wish to align myself with them, but sometimes people of the same nationality get lumped together, something to which I'm sure you can relate.

I believe America either to be a pawn of the Jews/Zionists (the ruling class, as many 19th and 20th century European philosophers clandestinely referred to them) or a willing and equal partner. I am a supporter of Palestine and of Arafat. I feel indignation at every Israeli or American statement regarding the state of affairs in the Middle East and the Arab and Muslim world.

I feel anger that Ariel Sharon is glamorized by the West while at the same time Arafat and other Arab or Islamic leaders are vilified. Sharon is no less a criminal than is Milosevic, Arafat or bin Laden. Yet those three are all reviled despots and Sharon is the hail of American leaders.

There are very few forums, however, where I feel I can express myself and not be ignored. I am not worried about being an outcast who hates America or is anti-Semitic (neither of which is true, anyway), but I don't feel that equal voice is given to anyone who criticizes Jews or supports any people who are considered anti-Israel/Jew.

Since I don't live in America anymore, I can't say if many Americans agree with me, but I just felt the urge, in view of recent comments made about and toward Iran, to sound off in defense of your country.

The words of this email may never see the light of day beyond your email inbox, but at least you know that there is an American who is 100% on your side. It isn't much, I know, but it might give hope to you that there are others like me who don't believe the BS that we're fed about your country and your allies.

I am a loyal reader of and contributor to your online forum and I thank you for being present in our lives.


Dave Marshall
Seoul, Korea

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