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Ladies next
Look at the mess we men have made

By Mehran Payandeh
July 16, 2002
The Iranian

It has been several years now that I have reached the conclusion that men should give up the power of ruling the world and instead let women to become presidents and head of the states and governors, and so on.

Look at the written history of the world. All wars and crimes and atrocities and bloodshed and suppressions of human rights and dictators and thief of the countries and societies public wealth were men. The pages of history is dark with the crimes of men rulers and red with the blood of people.

I have come to the conclusion that men do not deserve to rule and govern the people any more. This is true particularly for third world countries who are way behind the civilized norms.

I am a man myself, but when I look at the grades sheet of men as rulers in general, I see all the grades are ''F" or below 10 on a 1-20 scale. So why men should continue to govern the people? Human kind has seen enough of men's astonishingly poor performance as "instruments of power and government".

Men should step aside in favor of women and let women to rule the world for some time and then see how the world is changed. Who has said that only men are born to rule the man kind. Women are not any less in intelligence, management, and mental capabilities than men. We should get rid of this notion that women can be only good mothers, cooks, and house wives.

This is why we are the 3rd world in ranking. Because of our such foolish and backward thoughts and beliefs in regards to women. In fact, I strongly believe this world would become a lot better place to live in for all if women are given all the necessary tools of governing the world, simply because they are more affectionate than blood thirsty men.

Men have failed humanity. So now it's women's time and turn to rule the world. Sometimes I feel ashamed of being a man. Look at the mess we men have made in past several thousands years. Third world should give a real opportunity of ruling to its women so that we may start to advance towards real progress and a society with much less troubles and more happiness and peace on global scale.

Men's new role should be to protect, obey, and support women from now on and not be their owners and masters and rulers. Of course there are exceptions in everything, including what some women have done in history that are strongly deplorable. But such exceptions should not stand in the way of women to rule and govern our world.

If women had a fair and unlimited societal opportunity as men had and still have, they could prove their abilities in all aspects of human affairs and challenges of daily life to us and to the history undoubtedly.

Men need to be redesigned mentally. Especially in the third world. If you who are a male in gender disagree with what I said in above, then do this: Think a few minutes about your mother, daughter, or sister or wife, or all of them and try to understand the reasons why they are what they are now and what has or have caused them to be what they have been or are now in term of society rank, class, function, position, responsibilities, education, and power. Do you think they are any less than your country's king or president or speaker of the parliament and so on and so on?

This world has become a hell for the majority of human kind. It has to be changed before it is too late. I think one good way to change it is for men to step aside from power and let women rule the countries on a democratic basis for a few hundred years. If the world affairs would not improve this way, then men can reassume the power from women by use of force as swords as men are very well capable of using mass murder tools to achieve their goals anyway.

I wish my dreams would come true one day. With love and respect for all oppressed women of the world.

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