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We won't nuke you
But, if IRAN thinks that it can develop nuclear weapons and then turn around and use them to annihilate Israel and the United States, it better think again

Kenny James
April 4, 2006

Referencing your Article "Nuking innocence",

The United States does not now nor has it ever had any intention of using Nuclear Weapons against anyone unless we are attacked first.

We used them on Japan in 1945 only because that was the only way to stop an arrogant, overbearing vicious enemy who deliberately attacked us at Pearl Harbor and thereby sealed their own fate and brought about their own demise. The use of the two Bombs on Japan saved millions of lives, including Japanese even though thousands were lost. Had the Japanese not tried to viciously invade and barbarically violate the citizens of the nations upon whom they forced themselves, they would never have been attacked.

The same with the Muslim Radical Terroist. If they think they can win a victory over the world with their vicious and satanic led attacks on the innocence of the world, they have another think coming. Had they not attacked the US on 911, we would not be in Iran or Irag today. They have brought about their own demise. The ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH GOD will never allow the anti-christ of the Muslim world to be victorious in the end.

Look at your history of the world. Every nation who has ever fought against the true children of GOD, the Christians and the Jews have either ceased to exist or have lived in poverty and under a totalitarian dictatorship. GOD simply will not bless the nation that opposes his children.

But, if IRAN thinks that it can develop nuclear weapons and then turn around and use them to annihilate Israel and the United States, it better think again. We will not stand by and allow Israel to be attacked nor will we stand by and allow ourselves to be attacked and not retaliate. We have enough nuclear weapons in our arsenal to destroy the entire world 10 times over. If Iran attacks us or Israel with nuclear weapons, then we will annihilate her completely. Iran will just simply cease to exist so if their president needs to decide if he wants to live peaceably and co-exist with the rest of the world or be replaced by another nation.

And for that matter so does the entire Muslim world. Who do they think they are trying to claim that they are the only ones who have a right to live? All the problems around the world and the violence can be traced back to one or more Muslim organizations. They don't want peace. They never have. All they want is killing and violence. They love it. And as long as they love it, they'll get it and they will continue to come out on the short end of the stick.

Christ Jesus will return soon as King of King and Lord of Lords and every knee, every Knee will bow to him and serve him. He will bring an end to war and violence and terrorism. And he will bring an end to the Anti-Chritian, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Godliness that now prevails around the world. He will rule the world with an iron scepter and there will be true and ever lasting peace. If the Muslim world wants to be a part of it, they better begin repenting of their sinful ways.

Christian United States Citizen

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Kenny James


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