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Politics is not sacred
Religious zealots bombard us with "sacred" views on subjects of the supreme significance

Jeff O'mail
April 5, 2006

I read Kenny James's article "We wouldn't nuke you", that attempted to convince readers that religion of the Christians and Jews are totally different than Muslim religion. As I read, I slowly but surely began to feel infuriated, then offended, then lastly, I threw up. I detested his authoritarian tone, his narrow judgments and paying no attention to non-religious and spiritual people.

In condemning terrorist Muslims, he wrote that "He [Jesus Christ] will rule the world with an iron scepter and there will be true and ever lasting peace."

It seems these Christians forget that Muslims also claim their 12th Imam will come on judgment day and ever lasting peace will prevail!  This common belief clearly verifies that all religions are terrorists in nature regardless since their holy personas will appear with vicious intention and for one single goal and that is to clear all non conformists by massacring them in one single blow.

The diminutive religious terrorists on earth (dogmatic religion believers) have always been with this agenda in mind that the path to judgment day should be paved for welcoming their master mind "terrorists".

Religions have brought non-stop misery all over the world with mountains of life-destroying rubbish. Every religion preaches the truth of propositions for which it has no evidence.

Religion faith is the one group of human ignorance that will not admit of even the possibility of improvement and correction. These groups are still privileged from criticism in every culture because their "beliefs" are "scared".

Religious books clinch to the narrowest vision of political, moral, scientific, and spiritual understanding. These aged "sanctified" books present to us the most bizarre wisdom with respect to the past, present, and future and their throngs are still non-stop bombard us uncompromisingly as the ultimate declaration on subjects of the supreme significance.

In the best situation, these religions abandon otherwise well-intentioned followers incompetent of thinking judiciously and prudently about many of their genuine concerns while at worst, it is a never-ending groundwork of human violence and aggression. Their institutional operations are backward and mafia type in nature with no transparency.

Thus, Christians, Jews, and Muslims should stick these iron scepters into their own fucking asses if they are planning to eliminate non-believers and non-religion conformists.

I certify now that all dogmatic religion believers after reading my piece will come together and unite against me! Their ideologies share so many common foundations. They all ignore the power of mankind to create ever lasting peace by establishing superior and rational rules of law, civil society, freedom and equality by means of continual non-violent process.

Let humans live and enjoy each other.

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Jeff O'mail


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