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July 22, 2006

Let my pain separate me,

Identify me,

Deepen me,

Distinguish me,

Among the respectable crowd.


Let my anguish guide me,

On this path,

That cries out for freedom,

And love.


I connect with the moon and the,

Stars when I am suffering.

I lift the lonely and the outcast,

When my heart is laden with longings.


I'll become full of light,

When my mind is darkened with grief,

Music still accompanies me,

When I've lost all my melodies.


I'm touched with nothing,

And protected by everything.

I remember the rain, snow and mist.

I am also part of metal and steel.


I make peace with the world.

And start a war with myself.

I make peace with myself,

And start a war with my neighbour.


I am full of unpredictability,



And murder.


Be warned I am a harmless soul

Full of danger...

My innocuous morning gaze,

Can kill in the evening,

Or heal at midday.

©  Farid Parsa 

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Farid Parsa


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