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Chronicles of Fredrick D. Suama' Part 7
February 23, 2007

"Unacceptable Behaviour"
Photo essay: New Zealand
April 12, 2007

Past & present "Persians"
Persians had totally different set of values to most Iranians living today
March 23, 2007

Chronicles of Fredrick D. Suama' Part 6
February 23, 2007

Rocky goes up
Chronicles of Fredrick D. Sauma, Part 5
January 2, 2007

Lovers' secrets
Under that willow tree of Imagination
December 25, 2006

State of denial
Holocaust conference
December 14, 2006

Never apart
December 10, 2006

Room for pain
October 28, 2006

The good Indian
Chronicles of Fredrick D. Sauma, Part 4
September 10, 2006

Subtle warmth and admiration
Book review: Mirrors of the unseen
August 30, 2006

Jafar Panahi at Melbourne Film Festival
August 16, 2006

Engine of hatred
Israel, Lebanon, Hizbollah
July 26, 2006

July 22, 2006

Santra Maria
Chronicles of Fredrick D. Sauma, Part 3
June 25, 2006

Love thy neighbor
Chronicles of Fredrick D. Sauma, Part 2
March 3, 2006

Strange and dangerous life
Jewish Muslim, Lev Nussimbaum
February 16, 2006

Foreign affairs
Chronicles of Fredrick D. Sauma, Part 1
January 3, 2006

Waiting for you
October 22, 2005

July 29, 2005

Accelerating freedom
Interview with filmmaker Mahvash Sheikholeslami
May 5, 2005

Found in translation
For Sam, the past lurked behind the meaning and shape of words and the future could be explored and measured with them
April 21, 2005

Time tells
Former Mojahed tries to come clean
April 5, 2005

Time in circles
"Their faces are grave under their turbans, but their eyes smile"
February 25, 2005

2,500-year-old lady with Alzheimer's
Interview with Esmaeil Mirfakhraei
February 7, 2005

Saba in Australia
Individual journey with Hafiz
January 6, 2005

Secret window
Instead of bashing the invading Arabs for corrupting the Persian language, how about teaching the truth?
December 5, 2004

Forming visions
Speaking to the founder of a rare venue to showcase children and youth culture
November 18, 2004

Then and now
November 10, 2004

She uttered her current title softly: refugee
June 29, 2004

Blessed curses
Dichotomies of change among Iranians
June 2, 2004

The grand plan
Short story
May 17, 2004

For Queen's Sykes
Sir Percy Sykes: British spy in Iran
April 6, 2004

The golden years
Short story
March 23, 2004

Club Tomorrow's Hope
Short story
February 6, 2004

Little black spiders
Short story
December 19, 2003

Artush and the riddles of life
Short story
November 13, 2003

Carlos' last wish
For Majid
September 29, 2003

Divine nostalgia
Fantastic tension of the opposites in Hafiz poems
July 29, 2003

Let him be
Foroughi's search for meaning
June 4, 2003

The wandering genius
November 11, 2002


Farid Parsa Left Iran in 1981 for the last time and after sojourning in various parts of Western Europe immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1984. He has university qualifcations in mass communication and information science. He has also dabbled in theology and literture for a few years. He loves Yoga and cycling and is a qualified soccer coach for under 17s. Top

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