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Pomegranate-blossom love
(Her name was Gol-Anar)


August 21, 2006

My Pomegranate blossom

Let me watch you,

Let me touch you,

Smell you and care for you.


Pomegranate blossom

When you are ready

Let me kiss you,

And become intoxicated

By your opium-scented breath.


My pomegranate blossom

Let me love you

Until you ascend

By my love, and

The magic of nature

Into a gorgeous pomegranate

Pregnant with seeds of rubies.


My pomegranate

Let me squeeze you

With my quivering fingers

Into sweetest pomegranate juice. 

And drink you

To quench my thirst for you

To slow down my gushing blood 

And ease the noisy pounding

Of my uneasy heart.


And let us journey together--

You within me

And I lost in you--

Beyond this real world

Which is unbearable without us together

To the world of imagination

Where the idea of us  together

Will thrive permanently.


Pomegranate blossom

This thirst I feel for you

I never felt before.

Yet, I savor to feel it,

On my blistered lips

And barren, sand-swept soul,

Knowing that the season is ripening 

Knowing that your ascension is near

Knowing that your submission is near

Knowing that my relief is near

Knowing that the future is ours

Even though it is temporarily away!

Pomegranate juice alleviates blood pressure!

Professor Manoucher Parvin is a scientist, novelist, and poet and not a bad cook to boot! Among other things he is also a chess adict! His latest published novel/epic poem is, "Dardedel: Rumi, Hafez, and Love in New York".

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