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August 17, 2005

Sofas, TV sets, beds and kettles are packed into trucks by the army.
The settlers, used to being spoilt in Gaza, say you must be barmy.

Manicured lawns, on the promised land and free lessons in Hebrew,
Of course they're upset, Ariel said this is what we will give you.

A soldier snaps: "It's been a long day and tomorrow we disband."
"Jew on Jew violence will divide us," say those loyal to the land.

What violence, says the soldier, we're pushing you out with hugs.
Palestinians look on, as the sulking Zionists roll up their rugs.

"This is how the army treats its own, all sweet and with a pretty please.
Fifty thousand troops to five thousand rebels and, look, no casualties.

No children shot in the face or peace workers felled by rogue snipers
Chat with a rabbi, shed a tear, they're done. Clearly they don't like us."

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Peyvand Khorsandi


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