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Random act of kindness


December 28, 2006

Inflicting the key to my good fortune
On the deformed sex
My gang of one
Creeps upon the weak and the wicked
Offering free heart circumcisions
I could only imagine the joy
Of being bestowed internal perfection
Liposuction can't come close

Every pussy needs to be pinned down
On the path to the climax
The built up of pleasure is sometimes too hard to endure
There's a moment, then no more resistance
You're close to escaping gravity
A chilling cry of ecstasy
Regurgitating a fountain of bloody cum out of every hole
Muscle spasms out of joy
And the heart perspires color
As I trim its ugly extremities
To the shape of a perfect circle
Circle is the strongest shape
My dad told me that when I was little

No manufactured paint can compete with your colors
No heater can yield such warmth
My mother has taught me not to waste
So I throw my petite self in the path of your fleeing soul
Giving rise to a new brand species
As I engulf you whole

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