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Bethlehem, March 12, 2003

May 21, 2006

The half moon was sailing in a cloudless night
The streets were dark and there was no love in the air.
Two shadows jumped out of a Jeep,
Breaking the silence.
Cautiously they approached the small brick house with a blue door.
With their long robes and kaffiyeh, they looked like two moving tents .
They looked at each other and knocked on the door,
Waiting seemed like a long night.
Footsteps of an old woman were sweeping the floor .
Before the old woman opens the door,
They kicked it open and ran over the old woman to the only bedroom.
The sleepy young woman laying on the floor
Dropped herself over her two children.
Before the man sat up,
The shadow asked him "Are you Abdolla..."
The brain of the man was splashed over the frightened face of the young woman.
"Does it really matter Shimon?"
Said the other shadow while putting his Uzi over his shoulder.
Both ran to the door, walking over the old woman
The sound of Jeep engine drawned the moaning of the old woman and sobbing of the young Woman.

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