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Creative sofa
Maskhareh kardan-e Ahmaghinejad hagh-e mossallam-e maast



July 6, 2006

Charlie Chaplin once said the lower classes of society don’t see any way out of their misery so they go out to my movies and watch the ruling class being made fun of, or something like that. The same phenomenon is true for Iranians.

The most outlandish jokes are produced in Iran about the IRI regime every day. Even Ahmadinejad admits it himself that he is the subject of ridicule (maa ro joke kardan). I think it is our inalienable right to make fun of Ahmadinejad, his mother who created this delusional creature, and his wife who represents Iran in official state travels. Maskhareh kardan-e Ahmaghinejad hagh-e mossallam-e maast.

In the article “Tamaskhorism”, Mazdak made some untrue remarks about me and my work submitted to the “toons” section of First you called me an artist, which I am not, then my work as art and masterpieces, which it is not. Then you conclude that I am as much of an artist as your sofa, well since I am not an artist then I guess I am as much of an artist as your sofa. However I must say your sofa can not create what I have created.

All of the works submitted to so far are altered, tampered, manipulated photo paintings. Mahmoud calls them cartoon paintings, and I think that might be a good name for them. You look at them and think that I have only made some scribble on already existing pictures, which is true.

However some of the photo paintings have taken several hours to produce. A couple of them I had to work on for a day or two on my leisure time. I challenge you, or your sofa, to create anything funnier than mine. Send me the original photo and the altered one. I’d like to see it.

Since you asked, “What is there [sic] cartoonish in this cartoon?” I’ll explain it to you. That photo grabbed my attention because of President Ahmadinejad’s bodyguards, not the praying mullahs. Here we have a president who is about to start a war with the USA, the most powerful nation in the universe, and cause thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in damages. He has gone to his father’s funeral, and guess what, his bodyguards are worried that someone might try to give him a hard time! How harder can it get than this?

I did not send anything about that situation for the next two or three day. Finally since I did not see anything else about the Iranian President or his father’s death in or other Iranian internet websites, other than the official IRI websites, I thought maybe caricaturist, real or clones, are holding back because of his father's death -- hence the caption.

You also wrote “there are many good cartoonists ... in the cartoon section ... ”; I don’t know who you are talking about. There is Hajiagha who is basically fixated with Canada and homosexuals, Saman who we haven’t heard of for a while, and there is Mahmoud that I admire and think is hilarious. However I think his work would not be classified as caricatures but digital paintings. Who else is submitting hand drawn caricatures to on regular basis?

When I was in my twenties I wanted to change the world, in my thirties I wanted to change my country, in my forties I wanted to change myself. Having failed at all of those, all I want to do now is to change a pixel. A pixel is the smallest image forming unit of a digital photo. A photo is made of thousands of pixels. If I could change a pixel at a time to create the right expression I’ll be content. Let others like yourself change the world, or the country. Comment

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