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A story of good boys and bad boys
By Hadi Khorsandi
Translation by Peyvand Khorsandi
Persian original

Salam sobh-e shanbeh
By Hadi Khorsandi

Khatami & the rest
By H. Hajiagha

Hey! Molla! Leave teachers alone
Apologies to Pink Floyd
By Peyvand Khorsandi

Joe Abadani
By GR Sami Gorgan Roodi
Beh jaaye do kalameh khoshk o khaali
What would Hafez's answering machine message be?

Ay Iran
By Hadi Khorsandi

Melli-mazhabi keest?
Two poems
By Hadi Khorsandi

Microphone makhfi
By Hadi Khorsandi

Hojatoleslam dar zendaan
Political prisoners
By Hadi Khorsandi

Poem on presidential elections
By Hadi Khorsandi

Share baazi
Ghazanfar's fate in the stock market
By Ghorbati
April 18, 2001

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