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December 26, 2005


They say there is a thin line

between arrogance and confidence.

I disagree.

I think it's a wide road

easily detectable

to anyone who cares to look.


The arrogant lover is focused,

determined to impress.

He makes love with purpose,

wanting his lover to be awed.


He leans back against the pillows-

drained, but proud.

Haughtily, he glances over

sure of the praises to come.


Not hearing the words has him confused.

Lost in his own world,

he never hears his lover's purrs

nor the sound of his own heartbeats.


As he goes,

his footsteps are heavy with dissatisfaction.


The confident lover sits back.

His eyes tasting--hazy with desire.

He flirts with every morsel of each kiss,

enjoying every inch of every moment.


He knows all will come to him in due time.


As he goes,

he feels just as his lover looks.

Blissfully disheveled and satisfied.

His footsteps are light and lazy,

he knows he'll be back soon.


They say we live life the way we make love.

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