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What if...
Not just a wife

February 1, 2005

What if in this world where ex-lovers co-mingle, and current lovers often take alone time, true-crazy-mind-numbing love still existed? What if at a time where the lines between friendships and relationships often disappear, and the differences between sex and intimacy become irrelevant, that all-consuming-exclusive-no-doubts-allowed commitment was still possible?

What if in this world of confusion, there is a man who is sure enough to want a partner, a best friend, a lover -- And not just a wife?

What if my complexities are intriguing and not so riddled with confusion? What if my sexiness--my confidence, is alluring and not intimidating? What if my looks are only complimented by my intelligence -- not threatened by it? What if my ambitions are impressive and not overpowering? What if he was wrong...

What if my rebellious nature is courageous? What if my tears are -- real and not a sign of weakness? What if love is supposed to come with open arms and a sexy smile -- because of all of my intricacies ... .not in spite of them!

What if this all makes sense to someone?

What if I'm perfect?

At least in someone's eyes.

And what if I never get to see that reflection:

Because I'm too afraid to move on?

Whenever I start to doubt,

I just stop and think,

What if...

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