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Have you ever chased a cow?

By Setareh Sabety
April 26, 2002
The Iranian

Have you ever chased a cow
down a ribbon of fresh asphalt
that unravels
across the greenest fields?

Have you ever seen yellow buses
filled with laughter,
driving down narrow country lanes
holding up tractors,
in no hurry to go anywhere?

And have you ever seen the
one lane bridges over thin winding streams
hanging as if always about to fall?

Have you ever asked yourself
how is it that all this beauty
cannot be mine?

How is it that yellow buses
on country lanes,
and chasing cows,
down asphalt roads,
in green pastures,
cannot be mine?

And have you felt
like you live in so
many pictures
of someone else's life?

In colors that belong
to someone else's

On a canvas that
you did not choose.

Do you feel trapped
in the four corners
of a steel frame,
and unwilling
to bend?
Holding you
in a landscape
that refuses
to be yours.

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By Setareh Sabety

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