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Bite my heart

February 14, 2002
The Iranian

Let me give you today
this heart that is fat, juicy and red
and palpitates to the rhythm of
ancient lusts.

Let me give you today this heart
whose fleshy walls cannot contain
all it desires.

Let me give you today this heart
ticking with centuries of sins,
waiting to burst,
into tiny,
red particles
of unrequited love.

Let me give you today this heart.
Chew it up, swallow it, regurgitate
and flush it.
It will increase your manhood,
a Jamaican lady, told me once.

Take one bite of this fat, juicy, red, heart
and you will last forever.
Take my heart
today it is yours to devour.

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Fly to Iran

By Setareh Sabety

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