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I did it to serve
Six months after 9/11

March 13, 2002
The Iranian

Endless pain captured in a frame
digested and shelved
just by virtue of being repeated.

Ash covered face of a city
that does not know how to weep.

Numb faces and searching eyes
seeking an answer in someone
else's language.

Nothing makes me cry
like the tears of men
willing to die.

What kind of man moves up
into the bosom of a fire
not to show that he is a man
but to extend a rescuing hand?

A God I say with a
hint of an Irish accent
child of immigrants
who believes it when
he says: I did it to serve.

Like a diamond
in a heap of soot
the ancient valor of
ordinary men shines eternal in
this rubble that hate made.

You ask me what about
the men who killed themselves
in a cry of anger so loud
it brought cities down?

They too were brave.
But theirs was the expected bravery of
the holy driven.
The stuff of angry men.

Not the noble instinct of
A new father whose only dream
was to pay off his mortgage.

And who reminded us all
that willingness to die
comes in different colors.

Comment for The Iranian letters section
Comment for the writer Setareh Sabety

By Setareh Sabety

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... following the
September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

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