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Flower delivery in Iran


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Way home

January 4, 2002
The Iranian


Take 1 -- 1/2 Way Home

There's no place

Like home she says

Clicking her heels three times


In the dark

I click my heels

Rubber soul resists the hardwood

I lose my balance


Take 2 -- 1/4 Way Home

Home could be on Cherry Lane

On Camelback Road

On Manor Drive

Home is at the center

Home is at the heart of the matter

Arguments and all

Home is a four-letter word

Soft, scented, with a door

Home is an orange tree

A family of deer and a plastic dolphin

Home is love

Bus #11

Safeway and a stop sign

2% milk and Advil for pain

Home is not what was said

Home remains, perseveres, stays

Home home home


Love is a four-letter word


Home is a place where chairs and tables

And words

Don't stand in your way

Home is not physics

It's chemistry

Home is at the center

(I've said that)

Home is


Take 3 -- Home

I say I'm renting a new home

Will you come and visit?

You'd love to you say

You really do

You'll bring the green tea ice cream you say



I can't wait to get home.

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By Shadi Ziaei

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These were written a few years ago ("They're terrible," she says) but they've stood the test of time :o)


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Flower delivery in Iran
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