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Beauty grows on trees
Photo essay

Shahireh Sharif
May 11, 2007

These are a few pictures, highlighting the incomparable consolidation of wood, leaf and flower, created by nature.  They are about some within-grasp delights of nature.

Can you sense?

  • the hint of green that works almost as a transparent dress which does little to cover the distinctive twists and turns of the ostentatious branches
  • the anguish of the unmet desire for touch, portrayed by branches projecting outwards thirstily
  • the smoothness of the flowers that contracts with the roughness of the trunks
  • the appealing freshness of a rebirth, even in those not free from defect, and
  • the latticed, woven wood that does not fail to quench the eye’s longing for being astonished

According to the Persian calendar we are now in ‘ordibehesht’ month; one of the most delightful months of the year as testified by the way that trees look in this season.          

Happy birthday to all ‘ordibeheshteha’

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Click on photo to see 23

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