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Futility of revenge
I cannot stay uncaring about the fate of the Mujahideen Khalgh rank and file

September 18, 2002
The Iranian

As the nightmarish rule of Saddam and his "republic of fear" is about to join those of the cannibalistic Emperor Bukasa, and likewise rabid "president for life", Idi Amin Dada, the very existence of few thousand unfortunate Iranians hang in the balance.

For the past few months a repatriation program, under the UN aegis , has facilitated the return of some Iranian nationals who had taken refuge in Iraq. It is unclear whether any members of the People's Mujahideen, which have been based in Iraq since the early 1980s, were amongst them.

But what is clear is that Saddam has the luxury of choosing to take up fellow lifetime president, Mubarak, on his offer of safe refuge in Egypt, or going down with the ship, our beleaguered compatriots, as wrongheaded as they have been, have only the latter of the two options.

I by no stretch of imagination am a fan of the Mujahideen leadership. To me, their blood stained history and repressive tactics, puts them in par with their former ally, the Islamic Republic, and their current benefactor, Saddam. It is only a matter of degree, otherwise, they are all of the same mentality, namely, the imposition of their will on others through brute force.

In some ways I am glad that they lost the power struggle to the ayatollah. If they had gained power, their declared desire for fundamental social/political restructuring would have eventually taken them down the same genocidal path as the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

That said, I cannot in good conscience stay uncaring about the fate of the Mujahideen rank and file, including and most importantly their children -- the very same way that I feel towards the Islamic Republic's foot-soldiers and their families.

The cultish People's Mujahideen has a lot in common with Jim Jones' People's Temple. The mind controlling mechanisms through tightly regimented activity, in both social and work arena, coupled with having prescribed answers to all of the life's questions are just some of the similarities. Let's hope their exit strategy is dissimilar to that of the People's Temple in the jungles of Guyana.

We Iranians have seen enough and are experiencing the devastating effects of dooming an entire segment of the society for the sins, [I prefer actions], of their fathers. Unless and until we come to convince ourselves in the futility of revenge, which begets revenge, and trully come to expunge our souls of any desire for it, our sincere hopes and desires for a brighter and more deserving future for our beloved Iran will always stay just that, a dream unfulfilled.

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Shahriar Zangeneh

By Shahriar Zangeneh



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