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Aida in the mirror

Translated by Fouad Kazem
March 6, 2005

Your lips with their poetic tenderness,
Transform the most lustful kisses into shame.
A shame strong enough to turn a pre-historic caveman,
Into an evolved human being.

Your eyes are the mystery of fire
Your love is victory itself.
It is a burst of light in the heart of the night.

Your arms are a little place to live in,
A little place to die in.

A mountain is formed with the first rock,
A human being comes to life with the first pain,
I came to being with the first look into your eyes.

The storms majestically play a flute,
In the glory of your dance.

Your forehead is a tall shining mirror,
And your body is a song
Your body is an eternal secret shared with me
In a grand solitude,
And two restless birds sing in your
Voluptuous breast.

How long did I have to stare into the mirror
Just for you to appear in it?

O, angel pretending to be human,
Your presence is a heaven that justifies my
Escape from hell,
It is a sea that drowns me in myself,
And the dawn awakes with your hands.

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