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Traces on the sand
To my daughter

September 28, 2002
The Iranian

I look at you
With my hands
Over you

Here I am
Thinking again
Feeling motherhood
At the center

Forever I will watch over you
Forever you are mine and I, yours

Looking with amazement
Your struggles
To present
Your fears

Here I am
Looking at my footsteps
How the sea, how the shore
Stay forever
In you

I see my little dreams growing
For eternity
And in you I become the story of you

Again if my sins are to be counted
I will make you naked
Again and again

I have to wake up from my dreams
You will still remain
My daughter

And I sing to you, your favorite lullaby
The only one I know

The apple in my heart
You bite
And my heart
Is all yours!

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