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A battle between heart and mind

August 14, 2005

In the beginning, heart and mind were one,
As the Master wished it to be done.

The creator wanted them to learn from each other based on love,
Never once guiding them to hate and fight.

As they grew and found their strength
Mind chose a separate path, deserting heart at length.

Heart became the source of justice and love
Mind became the source of order and shove.

Their pupils established schools in the east and west
To serve humanity and its values best.

For heart's followers justice has been fundamental
For mind's followers order has been essential.

Heart has argued that man is lost without justice
Mind has argued that man is in chaos without order.

Heart has developed the skill of talk and language of love
Mind has developed an army for security to kill the dove!

Heart believes in the connection between souls and families
Mind believes in the expansion of lands and the structure of armies.

Heart constantly reminds the mind of their root and originality
Mind tenaciously rejects this and is proud to carry brutality.

Heart has retained its natural task of production
Mind is turned into a beast of blast and destruction.

This battle has raged on for years
Both continue to live apart with no cheers.

Heart is afraid that mind one day would blow up the earth
Mind is disturbed that heart keeps talking about love and birth.

This tale will perhaps continue forever
Unless the Master brings them back together.

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Akbar Showkatian


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