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May 29, 2005

It is your mind that does the fixation.

The mind is the source of imagination, creative thinking,
It is deceptive and motivating,
It leads you to unknown worlds and erodes you,
It guides and nurtures you.

The mind can be your friend or enemy,
It can leave you with unforgettable memories,
It can remind you of the horrendous moments,
It can give you a choice to challenge them.

The mind may examine you over and over,
It may show you beautiful depictions,
It may trap you with desire, pleasures or enchain you,
It may take you to high rises and drop you.

The mind could take you to the worlds of successful or misplaced people,
It could demonstrate their interactions and affairs,
It could portray their kindness and ruthlessness,
It could show you the world of wonders.

It is the mind that fixes or destroys you;
After all it is your mind that leads you.

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Akbar Showkatian


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