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My dear sister


May 21, 2005

It was just like yesterday,

I remember very well

You surprised our mother and father

With your glorious birth.


It was just like yesterday,

Running around everywhere

Like a princess with curly hair

Having a smile on your face.


It was just like yesterday,

You set yourself straight

Among your nine brothers

You showed them strength.


Everybody loved you so much

Cared for you in every kind

Your brothers bothered you sometimes

Though never hurt your heart or mind.


You have been helpful to all, expecting no thanks

To your relatives and friends

You never complained, never nagged

Like an angel, free of crank.


You carried this character into your marriage

Raised three children with courage

Often alone with hardship and loneliness

You didn't receive the appreciation you deserve.


Your birthday comes and goes every year

So sad it does not stay in our minds very well

Surprisingly, it does not diminish your cheer

Your family is proud of you so sincere.


I salute your birthday, my only dear sister

For all the good work you have done

May God bless you for your way of life

You are a beloved sister, a committed mother and a great wife.

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