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Wednesday, March 31, 1999 / Farvardin 11, 1378, No. 697

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From Sydney to Shahroud
Day drifting for a few seconds

By Yassaman Motaghipour
March 31, 1999
The Iranian

During the months of spring -- although it is technically autumn here in Australia -- Sydney has these beautiful Jacaranda trees that turn entirely purple. All you see from a distance is this painting of greens with purple spots. In the mornings, sitting in the train on the way to work, I look out the window and I see snap shots of Shahroud ... GO TO FEATURE


Part II

By Bruce Bahmani
March 31, 1999
The Iranian

Life for Babak became one big social engagement calendar. The American kids [in Tehran] and their wild sense of freedom seemed to owe nothing to anyone. They were arrogant and exciting. They were hilarious and he enjoyed their company even though they never really let him in their inner circle. He floated in and out of their "scene" at will and although he enjoyed this immensely, the pace was often exhausting. American kids smoked, did drugs, drank like fish, had constant sex and always, always flew at full speed, completely out of control ... GO TO PART TWO


Iranians looking for a taste of freedom resort to skiing
On the slopes, there's little worry about segregation and dress codes.

By Barbara Demick
The Inquirer
March 29, 1999

SHIMSHEK, Iran -- Squinting into the winter light, Zahra Saveh-Shim sheki clomped out of the lodge in her chunky ski boots. She wore a tasseled woolen cap, a royal-blue parka, and a giddy smile of anticipation.

"Out here, on my skis, I'm as free as the boys," said Saveh-Shimsheki, 19, a member of Iran's women's ski team. Freedom is one reason that skiing has become the passion of affluent Iranians. On the slopes, women wear more or less the same clothing as the men, a rare privilege in a country where female bicyclists, for example, have to wear calf-length coats and head scarves ... FULL TEXT

Thanks to Simin



From FarsiNet webmaster:

Dear FarsiNet friends, subscribers, supporters, past visitors, ...

FarsiNet reached yet another milestone at the coming of this Persian New Year. It recently served its 2 millionth page view and its 15 millionth request ... GO TO FARSINET

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* Big elephant

Neda Kamranpour writes: Not enough attention has been given to [the difficulties facing Bahais in getting a higher education, "Illicit education"] . Like racial issues in America, it is controversial, and highly significant. Ignoring and disregarding such injustice by our fellow countrymen, is like what a friend said: pretending the big elephant is not sitting in on the couch in your living room ... FULL TEXT

* Pointless

Behbahani, Massi writes: Is it just me, or was the "I'm no pimp" article the most nonsensical piece written as of late in The Iranian? I should hope readers will not be subject to such absurd and pointless pieces as this in the future. Let us continue with the normally exceptional writing and diverse topics of interest that appeal to the more intellectual reader.

* Concert: Shahin and Sepehr performances in Washington DC

The musical duo Shahin and Sepehr are performing on April 2nd at the Borders bookstore, in Tysons corner, Virginia around 8 pm. And on April 4th they will be at the Washington Monument mall (Babak Yektafar invited us to do this one) for the Sizdah-bedar festivities from 1-2 pm. For more information go to the Shahin and Sepehr webpage and click on tours.

Book of the Week

Ancient Persia
From 550 Bc to 650 Ad
By Josef Wiesehofer

Josef Wiesehofer, one of the most respected scholars of the ancient world, provides here a comprehensive survey of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenids, the Parthians and the Sasanians. By focusing on the indigenous sources - written, archaeological and numismatic evidence from Persia - he avoids the traditional Western approach which has tended to rely so heavily on foreign and sometimes prejudiced Greek or Roman sources. Part of the freshness of this book comes from its presentation of a historical discussion of pre-Islamic Persia from a Near Eastern perspective.

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More news

Long haul ahead for Iran's oil opening

DUBAI, March 31 (Reuters) - Iran's biggest oil opening to foreign investors in 20 years is caught in a web of price uncertainty, threatened U.S. sanctions and paralysis in decision-making, analysts say. ``The Iranians are under pressure from all sides. Nobody wants to decide what to do,'' said an Iranian oil analyst. ``The selection procedure has slowed this (opening) down considerably at a time when U.S. sanctions are keeping out the bulk of the industry.'' ... FULL TEXT

Oil market revives as OPEC cracks whip

LONDON, March 31 (Reuters) - Long seen as past its prime, OPEC on the brink of 40 is enjoying unaccustomed vigour. Revived by a hefty injection of political will, the producer club born in 1960 has a precocious spring in its step as prices perk up in response to tough OPEC output cuts. ``Put it down to political direction from the top, and leadership by the Saudis,'' said Peter Gignoux of Salomon Smith Barney ... FULL TEXT

Iran voices concern over Kosovo

March 31, (BBC) The Iranian foreign minister, Kamal Kharazi, has expressed deep concern over what he called the continuing ethnic cleansing in Kosovo ... FULL TEXT

Iranian American Republican Council elects new president

March 31, (Iranian American Republican Council ) - Iranian American Republican Council (IARC) elected a new National President, Mr. Ali Bayrami of Orange County, California. My Bayrami is the Chief Operating Officer of UEI, a post-secondary educational institution. He has also been a gubernatorial appointee to the California Council for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. Mr. Bayrami vowed to attract more Iranian-Americans to the IARC cause through further use of cyberspace, political chat rooms, and Netzines ...

Iranian wrestlers arrive in Spokane, Washington

Spokane, March 31, IRNA -- iran's free style wrestling team arrived here tuesday night to attend the world cup wrestling championship in the united states. the iranian wrestlers, who arrived in chicago on sunday, were warmly received by iranians residing in western america ... FULL TEXT


Iran in ABC's "The Century"

ABC television has put a new/documentary series together called 'The Century', highlighting the key events of the 20th century (from an American perspective). The 12 hr series will be aired three days a week in six parts. The 6th episode (to be aired on April 10) covers the Iranian Revolution. Other episodes cover the following topics: Hitler, The Bomb, Charles Lindbergh, The moon, W.W.I, Vietnam, Dr. King, FDR, Elvis, Cold war in Hollywood (i.e., Joe McCarthy). Each episode, except the sixth, covers two of the above. The sixth is exclusively about Iran. Please share this with your friends and family ... MORE INFO

Par Online

Iran, U.S. & interests

Former hostage-taker Abbas Abdi says relations with the U.S. would be okay if it is in the national interest ... FULL TEXT

$ Rate

Updated March 31

The dollar now offered at 790-810 tomans in the U.S. and 817 tomans in Iran

Source: Sehaty Exchange (U.S.) Tel: 602-595-0777

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Nicely done... informative. Looks like it's turning into a real tourist spot.

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Cooling off

Babak wore the average Kafsh-e-Bella sneakers and it was fine. When it got hot you could soak your feet in a joob and cool off.

Bruce Bahmani
The Iranian
March 31, 1999

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