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Wednesday, April 14, 1999 / Farvardin 25, 1378, No. 707

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Aaberoo reezi
Iranian scam artists

By Ashkan Yekrangi
April 14, 1999
The Iranian

One typical Wednesday night here in southern California, I turned on the TV and tuned to one of my favorite shows, 20/20. What I was about to learn that night would shock me: well-to-do Iranians on welfare. Was it possible? This group of people I had always thought of so highly was cheating the system? How could it be? ... GO TO FEATURE


    Clinton: Iran abused "quite a lot" by West

Excerpts from President Clinton's remarks on April 12, 1999 at a White House gathering: "Millennium Evening: THE PERILS OF INDIFFERENCE; LESSONS LEARNED FROM A VIOLENT CENTURY":

THE PRESIDENT: I would like to make one more point which I think is very important in the dealings between the West and the Islamic countries, generally -- and I will use Iran as an example.

It may be that the Iranian people have been taught to hate or distrust the United States or the West on the grounds that we are infidels and outside the faith. And, therefore, it is easy for us to be angry and to respond in kind. I think it is important to recognize, however, that Iran, because of its enormous geopolitical importance over time, has been the subject of quite a lot of abuse from various Western nations ... FULL TEXT


Iranians engineers: Well paid

Results of the 1998 electrical engineering salary survey in the U.S. appeared in the recent issue of the profession's trade journal, EE Times. The results are in different categories - including nationality:


The average annual salary of an Iranian immigrant ($86,400) surpasses by a wide margin that of immigrants from China ($70, 100), India ($74,800), Taiwan ($73,900), Canada ($80,900), and the US median ($71,700).

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

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* I guess I was fortunate

Dorothy Nowroozian writes: Being a Black female in the U.S. was not always easy, but at least my family firmly taught me that being Black was something to be proud of. I try to instill that same pride in my half-Black, half-Persian children ["Siaah Sookhteh"].

I guess I was fortunate. My Iranian husband knew by marrying me he would have Black children. And he believed that would be wonderful ... FULL TEXT

* Taught to be subservient

Gloria Malek writes: Dear Laleh Khalili, I have read both of your articles relating to women in Iran ["To live or to be alive?", "Not their fault"]. I have lived more than half of my life in North America. I am not in a position to comment strongly on the life of women in Iran, but I should have more say than another Iranian man since I have experienced how a girl is treated in Iran.

I was haunted by images of losing my virginity when I was a girl, since to lose it was to take away the honor of my family. I was taught to be subservient. Thus I hid my true desires like many did ... FULL TEXT

* Conference: Tehran seminar on Caspain Sea

Seventh Annual Seminar on Central Asia & the Caucasus: "The Caspian Sea: Opportunities & Obstacles" - June 22-23,1999

Following the disintegration of the former Soviet Union,the Caspian Sea and its surroundings have gained international attention as a highly important region of the world. This importance is attributed to enormous unexploited resources of energy and also its capacity as a transportation ... DETAILS HERE

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Behind the Tall Walls
From Palace to Prison
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Not long after Azar Aryanpour returned home to Iran in September of 1978, following a visit with two of her children in Washington, DC, a state of martial law was declared. Her husband-the former Minister of Health and Welfare under the Shah and an American-trained orthopaedic surgeon who played a role in the real-life events chronicled in Ken Follett's best-selling book On Wings of Eagles-was subsequently and wrongfully imprisoned. Now, nearly two decades later, Azar Aryanpour speaks for the first time in Behind the Tall Walls, an autobiographical retrospective of the tumultuous events that resulted in the overthrow of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi ... GO TO BOOK

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Kadivar rejects charges of spreading propaganda

TEHRAN, April 14 (AFP) - Popular Iranian reformist Mohsen Kadivar rejected Wednesday accusations he spread propaganda hostile to the Islamic regime, charging that his trial was unconstitutional and the court incompetent to try his case. The cleric told a special court for the clergy on the opening day of his trial he rejected as "thoroughly false" the charge that he was a sworn enemy of the Islamic state ... FULL TEXT

Kadivar's trial tests freedom limits

TEHRAN, April 14 (Reuters) - The trial of Iranian dissident theologian Mohsen Kadivar opened before a clerical court in Tehran on Wednesday, in a case expected to test the limits of freedom of thought in the Islamic republic ... FULL TEXT

Ms. Kadivar denies remarks

Tehran, April 14, IRNA -- Ms. Jamileh Kadivar, sister of Mohsen Kadivar, whose trial began in Tehran's special court for clerics today categorically denied wednesday afternoon the statements which were attributed to her.[She was] quoted as saying outside the court... that the court officials are worse than the Shah's hangmen ... FULL TEXT

U.S. lays down conditions for "productive" ties with Iran

MANAMA, April 14 (AFP) - A visiting US envoy said Wednesday that Washington was seeking a productive relationship with Iran after 20 years of hostility, provided the Islamic republic meets certain conditions ...

Iran carries out test of surface-to-air missile

TEHRAN, April 14 (AFP) - The Iranian armed forces have carried out a successful test of a surface-to-air missile, the first in a new line of air defense weapons, state radio and television said Wednesday. State television showed pictures of the test launch but did not specify the range of the new missile, which officials said was designed and built entirely in Iran ... FULL TEXT

Iranians seek extradition of rebels

TEHRAN, Iran, April 14 (UPI) -- The families of victims of terrorist attacks by the Iranian rebel group Mujahedeen Khalq are urging countries supporting the group to extradite it militants to Iran. The Iranian News Agency is quoting the families as calling on countries sheltering Mujahedeen Khalq to expel them to ``prove they are against terrorism.'' ... FULL TEXT

ARCO pushes for future Iran oil deal

MANAMA, April 14 (Reuters) - U.S. energy major Atlantic Richfield Co (ARCO) said it was pressing forward with negotiations on developing oilfields in Iran and expressed hope of clinching a deal once U.S. sanctions are lifted ... FULL TEXT

Books: Publishers demand full rights

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Major feature on the state of book publishing: Many publishers demand full rights to reprint before publishing books ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Persepolis looking to the future: Asian cup

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - There's a long road ahead but Persepolis is hoping to clintch the Azadegan cup and move on to the Asian championships ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Qatari team files complaint againt Persepolis

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Qatar's Al-Rayan soccer team has filed a complaint against Persepolis accusing it of not paying compensation for Ali Daei's transfer to Germany ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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I think it is important to recognize, however, that Iran, because of its enormous geopolitical importance over time, has been the subject of quite a lot of abuse from various Western nations.

President Clinton at a White House gathering
April 12, 1999

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