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Tuesday, April 27, 1999 / Ordibehesht 7, 1378, No. 715

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Real Iranian girls?
Looking for a bride? Go to Iran.

By Cyrus L. Raafat
April 27, 1999
The Iranian

I always believed in, yes, a so-called "double standard" that after being a self-designated playboy I would certainly have the right to have a decent, virtuous, virgin-bride. PERIOD.

[During my visit to Iran] I met about 13 girls whom I would all consider real candidates and about 10 or more girls I met on my own in parks, restaurants, businesses, and so on. Beautiful girls, chaste, nice, and dignified (yes a little too much make-up, but that's OK); girls who tried to talk to me in English and really wanted to get to know me, and so on. In summation: I had the best time of my life. Awesome! ... GO TO FEATURE


Grief on full display as Iran marks Ashura

TEHRAN, April 27 (Reuters) - Iranians took to the streets on Tuesday for the Ashura mourning day, an annual outpouring of communal grief and religious devotion unfettered by the political and economic tensions of daily life.

In ceremonies repeated throughout the capital and across much of Iran, members of the Shi'ite Moslem majority flooded the old commercial quarter of Tehran to beat their chests or flail their backs with ceremonial links of chain.

The festival peaks in the heat of the day on Tuesday, after a two-day build-up, as the Shi'ites mourn the deaths 13 centuries ago of their spiritual leader, Imam Hussein and 71 loyal followers, at the hands of an overwhelming army of Moslem rivals ... FULL TEXT



Dear people in Iran,

Could you please inform me if the dairy product Kashk or Kashta is written properly, in case it is not will you please inform me?

If possible could you also make a small description of the product?

Thank you on forehand for your effort.

With kind regards,

Nico Kloosterman
Kloosterman Food Engin.

More Letters

* Iranian slave tarde

Khodadad Rezakhani writes: Iranian ideas of supremecy does not start from their immigration to America. Although we are fortunate enough to not have racial ideas against our fellow Iranians and consider ourselves the same, we have had the attitude of racism against foreign races for ages before America even existed.

Note the terms "Siyaah Zangi" and "Kaakaa Siaah" which start from Iran's era of overseas travels and the import of slaves from Zanzibar ... FULL TEXT

* Idealizing Blacks

Babak writes: I am not sure what Ms. Nadjmi is pointing out here, the subtitle reads "Prejudice towards Blacks and other non-Europeans" - but the force of the article is pointed at Iranians adopting Western aesthetic standards ["Siaah Sookhteh"].

Perhaps she should not be one to judge those who glorify adoption of another racial groups; indeed her entire article sounds like a justification of a racial fetish. In this woman's case it happens to be people of the African race ... FULL TEXT

* Job: Teach Persian at Arizona University

The Department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona announces a one-year position in the area of Persian language and literature. Persian language proficiency is essential and applicants must have a primary specialization in Persian literature. A specialization in contemporary Iranian cultural studies is also highly desirable ... DETAILS HERE

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    The Hand of Poetry
    Five Mystic Poets of Persia : Translations from the Poems of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz

    In 13th century Persia, spiritual teaching was given in the guise of poetry. From this vast treasury, Coleman Barks has selected a broad assortment of poems form the works of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi, and Hafiz. These are combined with the lectures originally given by Inayat Khan in San Fransisco during 1923, which discuss the signifigance of the poets for our lives. The book is quite possibly the best anthology of Persian Sufi Poets currently available ... GO TO BOOK

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Election body disqualifies reformists in Tehran vote

TEHRAN, April 27 (AFP) - Iran's conservative electoral supervisory committee has confirmed the disqualification of five leading reformists elected to the Tehran municipal council in February. Among those disqualified was former interior minister Abdollah Nuri, the leading vote-getter in the capital in February's election, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Saudi Prince Sultan off to Tunisia, Iran, Pakistan

RIYADH, April 27 (Reuters) - Saudi Defence Minister Prince Sultan left for Tunisia on Tuesday on the first leg of a three-nation tour that will include Iran and Pakistan, Saudi media reported ... FULL TEXT

Qatari foreign minister in Iran for two-day visit

TEHRAN, April 25 (Reuters) - Qatar's foreign minister arrived in Tehran on Sunday for two days of talks with President Mohammad Khatami and other Iranian officials. ... FULL TEXT

IIC welcomes President Clinton's apology to the Iranian nation

Washington DC, April 19, 1999 (IIC) - The President's admission of the past wrongful policies towards Iran from some Western countries goes a long way in breaking the wall of mistrust between the two nations of the US and Iran ... FULL TEXT

Iran counting on surging oil prices to stabilise economy

NICOSIA, April 26 (AFP) - Iran is counting on resurgent oil prices to make up for last fiscal year's budget shortfall and straighten out its hobbling economy, the specialist Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) said Monday ... FULL TEXT

A critique of Qaderi's latest B movie

Tehran (Hamshahri) - On the one hand, you have Abbas Kiarostami. On the other there's Iraj Qaderi. His films haven't earned him much respect, but they sell a lot more tickets than any of Kiarostami's work ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

Iran's Esteghlal aim for third Asian title

TEHERAN, April 26 (Reuters) - Iran champions Esteghlal, aiming to become the first side to win the Asian club championship for a third time, will be at full strength for their semifinal against China's Dalian Wanda on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

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