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Friday August 6, 1999 / Mordad 15, 1378, No. 785

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Last contact
Short story

By Ali Hosseini
August 6, 1999
The Iranian

Early in the morning I jump up with the ringing of the phone. I had fallen asleep on the sofa. Hello . . . Hello. From the noises on the line I realize it is an overseas call. I am excited, but as I open my mouth the line goes dead and a continuous electronic tone pierces my ear. I look at the phone for a few seconds and then hang up. It rings again and I grab the receiver. Hello . . . hello. It's my older brother. He says somebody has called and told them my brother has been taken from airport to a district court and they should take food, cigarettes, and blankets to him and then had hung up. My mother and sisters have been crying since then and the whole family has gone to the courthouse. The authorities said nobody with that name had been brought there ... GO TO FEATURE


    Let's take a break from Iran's political history, shall we? The Revolution/History section will be on hold for a while. From today we will feature Pop culture images of the past... Special thanks to Pedram Missaghi

    Homeyra single LP cover


"The Risk Has Increased Substantially"

Interview with Mehran Adib, chairman of the European branch of the Iranian People's Party

By Andrea Claudia Hoffman
Frankfurt/Main Frankfurter Rundschau (Internet version)
3 Aug 99

The forbidden Iranian People's Party advocates democracy and freedom of speech. Its members see themselves subject to mass persecution by the government since the student unrest in Tehran. Frankfurter Rundschau staff member Andrea Claudia Hoffman spoke with Mehran Adib (Brussels), chairman of the European branch of Hesb-e Mellat-e [Iranian People's Party].

[Hoffman] What political goals does the Iranian People's Party support?

[Adib] We are fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the realization of human rights in Iran. We do not want a totalitarian regime but a democratically elected representation of the people. We also advocate a separation of the state and religion. ... FULL TEXT


Persian Antonio Banderas

Finally, a film that graphically and truthfully depicts the poor hygiene of 10th-century Vikings. In The 13th Warrior, Antonio Banderas plays a tidy Persian emissary who's kidnapped by a band of unkempt Norsemen and forced to help them fight mysterious, flesh-eating monsters ... GO TO NEWS

Thanks to Mehran Azhar

More Letters

* Cheshemun kur

Amin writes: ... man do taa nazar daaram:

1 - mardom digeh hoseley-e enghelaab nadaarand vali agar ozaay-e eqtesaadi avaz nashavad shuresh-haaee anjaam khaahad gereft. goftam shuresh nah enghelaab.

2- khaak bar sar-e maa keh enghelaab kardim cheshemun kur , chubesh ra baayad bokhorim taa dasteh va kunemunam besuzeh keh digeh az in ghalataa nakonim. albateh man 22 saalameh va 10 saaleh keh faraanseh hastam va faqat een aakhund-haa raa didam ... FULL TEXT

* Distasteful

Ali Abrishami writes: I find your welcome page very distasteful. Also a moving eyeball is not a very pleasing and tasteful sight to behold.

* Seminar: Iran-U.S. trade developments

On Friday August 6, a panel discussion in Sunnyvale, Califoirnia, sponsored by Iranian Trade Association, will discuss Iran-U.S. trade issues and how these affect Iranian-American professionals and business community. These include discussion on new developments on newly revoked U.S. sanctions on export of food and medicine to Iran, employment of Iranian professionals and students in the U.S., immigration and working visas and ... DETAILS HERE

Books of the Week

* The Spiritual Wisdom of Hafez
Teachings of the Philosopher of Love
By Haleh Pourafzal & Roger Montgomery

The Spiritual Wisdom of Hafez is the perfect introduction to the man known as the philosopher of love, whose message of spiritual transcendence through rapture and service to others is especially important as our troubled world enters the twenty-first century. His wisdom speaks directly to the cutting edges of philosophy, psychology, social theory, and education, and can serve as a bridge of understanding between the West and the Middle East, two cultures in desperate need of mutual empathy ... GO TO BOOK

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Video of the Week

Daayereh-ye Mina
(The Circle)

Dariyush Mehrjuies classic film from 1977. Starring Ezzatollah Entezami, Said Kangarani, Foruzan, and Ali Nasirian.

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More news

Saddam to deliver speech on Iraq's war with Iran

BAGHDAD, Aug 6 (Reuters) - President Saddam Hussein will give a televised speech on Sunday marking the anniversary of the end of Iraq's 1980-88 war with its neighbour Iran, the official Iraqi News Agency said on Friday. The speech, an annual event, will include the issue of Iraqi prisoners of war still held by Iran and Baghdad's calls for peace, INA said. ``President Saddam Hussein is to give a comprehensive and profound ideological and national speech to the great Iraqi people, brave armed forces and sons of the glorious Arab nation and friends in the world on the day of days (Great Victory Day) at 11:00 a.m (0700 GMT) on August 8, 1999,'' INA said ... FULL TEXT

No political charges against detained German

Teheran (dpa) - There are no political charges against the detained German businessman Helmut Hofer in Iran , informed sources said Thursday. ``There are no political charges against Hofer and the remarks by the judiciary spokesman were not based on any political aspects,'' the sources said ... FULL TEXT

Azerbaijan threatens to cancel presidential trip to Iran

August 5, BAKU (AFP) - Azerbaijan yesterday threatened to cancel a scheduled presidential trip to Iran later this year should Tehranrefuse to deport an alleged coup plotter living there. Baku repeated its demand that Tehran hand over Mahir Javadov, accused with his brother Rovshan of attempting to overthrow President HeydarAliyev in March, 1995. Rovshan was killed during the political turmoil ... FULL TEXT

Export of Czech experts to Iran cannot be prevented

PRAGUE, Aug 3 (CTK, Czech News Agency) - Czech officials have been searching in vain for three months for a way of preventing Czech firms from exporting expertise and giving advice on the completion of the nuclear power plant under construction at Bushehr in Iran , reports Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes today ... FULL TEXT

Iran won't stockpile oil to deter OPEC cheaters

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)-- Iran has categorically ruled out the idea of creating a floating stockpile of crude oil to be used to deter cheating on output-restraint agreements by other members of OPEC, a senior Iranian official said Thursday. H. Ghanimifard, director of international affairs at the state-owned National Iranian Oil Corp., also said in statement that Iran was calling for compliance with the current OPEC pact "at least until March 2000." ... FULL TEXT

Khamenei reappoints representatives to top security body

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Molla-Qolipour's "Hiva", Qodratollah Solh Mirzaie's "Alaf-haaye Harz" and Pouran Derakhshandeh's "Sarzamin-e man" have received screening permits. So has a foreign film by Peter Hewitt (spelling?) "Little Men" ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Rock n Roll at Sadabad?

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Sadabad Palace will be the venue for a "Pop (mardomi)" concert by Mehdi Sepehr. Meanwhile in Kish island Kourosh Yaghmaie and Fereydoun Foroughi will be singing at an arts festival. Rock on! ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Four films get permits

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Molla-Qolipour's "Hiva", Qodratollah Solh Mirzaie's "Alaf-haaye Harz" and Pouran Derakhshandeh's "Sarzamin-e man" have received screening permits. So has a foreign film by Peter Hewitt (spelling?) "Little Men" ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Nine films at Dutch festival

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Nine Iranian short films will be shown at the Cine-Kid film festival in Holand (23-31 October) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Fun in Germany

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Afshin Peyrovani leaks some good news about the Persepolis players in Germany who are training for the new Azadegan season ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Five goalies?

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Why has national team head coach head coach Mansour Pour-Heydari invited five goalies to training camp? ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Volleyball champs

Tehran, (Iran daily) - The Iranian volleyball team for the diabled has won first place in the international championship matches held in Finland ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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