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Tuesday August 24, 1999 / Shahrivar 2, 1378, No. 791

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The night before
"Nowhere else would I see the color of Tehran's mornings"

By Gina B. Nahai
August 24, 1999
The Iranian

Excerpt from Gina B. Nahai's Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith (p. 206). The novel spent twelve weeks on the Los Angeles Times Bestseller list, including two weeks at #1. It has been released in the U.S., England, Greece, Norway, and Italy, and is being translated into six other languages.

I searched for a keepsake I could take to America. Looking around, I realized that I shoudl have gathered Roxanna's belongings long ago, that I should have locked everything away so no one could walk in on her memories after I was gone. I saw the box where Roxanna had saved Mercedez's address, quickly took the envelope, and shoved it into my dress pocket ... GO TO FEATURE


Chew on this
The origins of aadaamss

By Pedram Missaghi
August 24, 1999
The Iranian

I had no idea the word "aadaamss" comes from an old American brand name: Adams chewing gum.

The story is similar to "Kleenex", which is also commonly used in Iran to refer to paper tissues. In the case of chewing gum, the Adams brand was the first of its kind and thus people went on to call it by that name. (Remember aadaamss-e khorus neshaan?) ... GO TO FEATURE


Their man in Iran

Ha'aretz Magazine
August 20, 1999

He was the CIA's top expert on Iran , recruiting agents and running them from Istanbul and Paris. Then he stalked out of the organization and slammed the door behind him. In his first interview, Reuel Gerecht, a.k.a. Edward Shirley, challenges the conventi Ronen Bergman

People familiar with the inner workings of both Gerecht and the Central Intelligence Agency say they are not surprised that he did not survive there for more than a decade. To begin with, he is a Jew in an organization that for many years preferred Protestants almost exclusively. He is also a natural rebel and hates accepting authority, traits that would seem to be incompatible with work in an espionage organization whose rigid bureaucracy has been the subject of endless verbiage ... FULL TEXT


Bad Iranain cement?
And what about Turkish cemenet? Care to ask what the quake victims think?

Turkish Daily News
August 24, 1999

Chairman of an Anatolian cement producing company says the sale of Iranian cement is conducted without control and that this damages the Turkish economy.

Cement factories have claimed cement imported from Iran could cause deaths in parts of Anatolia because it is unreliable in earthquakes ... FULL TEXT

More Letters

* Ankara in 1985

Vahid N. writes: I enjoyed reading your 'documentary' about your trip to Turkey as well as the nice photos ["Mission accomplished"]. I could connect with most of the pictures and your descriptions of life in Turkey, as I got my student visa in Ankara back in 1985, and for that, I had to spend about two months in Turkey. One month to wait for my turn to have an interview, and three weeks for my student visa to be approved.

Back then there were a lot more Iranians at the U.S. embassy each day, maybe several hundred. And a U.S. Visa, for some people, was like the key to the Heaven, or an exit from Hell! I could see people crying coming out of the embassy, either from the joy of getting the visa, or the sadness of their application being denied ... FULL TEXT

* Just as racist

Mike Khatibi writes: I beg to differ ["Mission accomplished"]! I have met Turkish people, I have lived with Turkish people and I know Turkish people. They are just as bit racist as Iranians. Sorry to break the bad news to you.

They are very much like Iranians, good on the surface but cunning underneath. That is why Westerners always have a very difficult time predicting Middle-Easterners.

* Lobbying: Iranians in America

This Radio Free Europe (Persian service) program is about the 2nd generation of the Iranian Americans who do not wish to join political groups any more but instead tend to form non-political organizations in order to become a powerful lobby in the U.S. and other countries. Listen to the 2nd half of the program (minutes 15 thru 27) ... HERE

Books of the Week

* Koli kenaar-e aatash
By Moniroo Ravani-Pour
* Jaameh beh khunaab
Award-winning novel
By Reza Julaie
* Ta'm-e gass-e khormalu
Award-winning novel
By Zoya Pirzad
* Tehraanjeles
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi

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Video of the Week

Dar Emtedaad-e Shab

Googoosh and Saied Kangarani get it on... Classic love story.

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More news

Khatami calls economic plan "great step forward"

TEHRAN, Aug 24 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami defended his new five-year economic plan on Tuesday as a leap forward for the Islamic republic's hobbling oil-dependent econcomy. "We need a profound change to reform and strengthen our economic infrasturcture," Khatami said as Iran kicked off its annual "Government Week" to evaluate the state of the nation ... FULL TEXT

Iran Jewish deputy urges speedy trial for Jews

TEHRAN, Aug 22 (Reuters) - A Jewish member of Iran's parliament has called on authorities to speed up the trial of 13 Jews charged with spying for Israel, a newspaper said on Sunday ... FULL TEXT

Talks at standstill with Iran kidnappers to release tourists: report

TEHRAN, Aug 24 (AFP) - Iranian kidnappers holding four Western tourists and their guide hostage have allowed one of their ailing captives to get medicine but talks to free the five men are at a standstill, newspapers said Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Khatami urges security for foreign tourists

TEHRAN, Aug 21 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has called on security forces to increase protection for foreign tourists after four Europeans were kidnapped and other visitors harassed, state radio reported on Saturday ... FULL TEXT

First women-only police station opened in Iran

TEHRAN, Aug 23 (AFP) - Iran 's first women-only police station opened Sunday in the holy city of Mashhad in the north east of the country, the press reported. The papers did not say how many women had been taken on ... FULL TEXT

Drug hauls surge 43 percent in five months

TEHRAN, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Drug seizures in Iran, a key smuggling route, have jumped 43 percent to 80 tonnes since March, the Iranian news agency IRNA said on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Pakistan minister in Iran for drugs fight talks

TEHRAN, Aug 23 (Reuters) - Pakistan's Interior Minister Shujaat Hussain arrived in Iran on Monday for talks on the two neighbours' fight against drug smuggling, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported ... FULL TEXT

Iran issues state bonds to cover budget deficit

TEHRAN, Aug 24 (Reuters) - Drought-hit Iran has imported 5.6 million tonnes of wheat in the five months since March 1999, up 2.6 million tonnes on the previous 12 months, a senior Iranian official said on Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Too soon to cash in on oil rally-Iran

DUBAI, Aug 22 (Reuters) - OPEC powerhouse Iran said on Sunday that it was too early for oil producers to abandon the global output cuts that have sharply boosted prices to their highest levels in nearly two years ... FULL TEXT

Iran to get extra $3 billion in oil revenue

TEHRAN (Aug. 23) XINHUA - Iran is expected to gain more than 3 billion U.S. dollars in additional oil revenue this year as a result of the current oil price recovery, according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) ... FULL TEXT

"Siavash" okayed

Tehran, (Neshat) - A film about a martyr whose son becomes a musician ("Siavash") finally gets the okay from the Culture Ministry ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Love is on the screen

Tehran, (Neshat) - Love is the common theme in films screened in Iran this summer ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Getting ready for Japan

Tehran, (Neshat) - National soccer team gets ready to face Japan. News from the training acmp ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Greece appetite for Iranians

Tehran, (Neshat) - Greece soccer clubs are impressed with the performance of Iranian players. They are looking to grab some more ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Mihan Foundation

"Given this promising potential, The Mihan Foundation (based in the U.S.) is determined to devote itself to facilitating evolutionary development in Iran." It's president is Abdolmadjid Madjidi, former Plan and Budget chief under the Shah.

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The New Millennium Program

Sounds like the folks over at NASA are ready to trade in the current spaceship for an upgrade. Their New Millennium program describes a plan of "speeding up ... exploration of space through the development of very advanced technology."

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Quote Unquote

Nowhere else in the world

The car glided through dark streets. I listened to the sounds of the tires scraping against the asphalt, of Mashti's shoes hitting the clutch and the gas pedal, of Sohrab breathing next to me. As we drove north, the sky began to lighten, slowly revealing the contours of the Alborz Mountains. I rolled down the window and looked up. Nowhere else in the world would I see the color of Tehran's mornings.

--Gina B. Nahai
Excerpt from Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith
The Iranian
August 24, 1999

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