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Thursday August 26, 1999 / Shahrivar 4, 1378, No. 793

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Rice, Iranian style
For the staunch feminists out there, do not read on

By Sally Amir
August 26, 1999
The Iranian


- 1 large sac Basmati long grain rice
- 1 glass oil
- 1 large family spread well across the world
- 1 Iranian husband
- A sprinkling of humor and tolerance and a kilo of pragmatism
- Salt
- Water
- Saffron (preferably purchased in Iran by concerned mother-in-law who is unsure whether son is ever fed anything, let alone rice the way she cooks it)

For me, having an Iranian husband means cooking rice every night no matter what my day has been like. Dinner without polo is not dinner. Rice cooked in a rice cooker or in a way other than the proper way, is not good enough ... GO TO FEATURE


Promising start
Welcome changes at the Judiciary

By Ebrahim Yazdi
Leader of the Freedom Movement



Baby Karate


Thanks to Ben Bagheri

More Letters

* Why the cars?

Pooneh Lari writes: All her paintings are absolutely beautiful ["Persian dreams"] but why are they photographed in the parking lot next to cars? I don't see the point?!

* Eye opener

Mohsen Abdi writes: I have seen this movie and I was very moved by it ["A bitter bite"]. I admired the diector in doing such a nice job. However, I did not understand the Turkish language spoken by the mother. Your review or critique on this movie was well done and opened my eyes to see this project from a different view. And for that I thank you.

* Soccer: Meet Khakpour in DC

Come join us in the Iranian Section and support Iranian National Team defender Mohammad Khakpour at RFK Stadium when his team New York's MetroStars plays against DC United (Sept 18, 7:30 pm). Wear Iranian Colors D.C. Meet Khakpour after the Game!... DETAILS HERE

Books of the Week

* Koli kenaar-e aatash (sample page)
By Moniroo Ravani-Pour
* Jaameh beh khunaab
Award-winning novel
By Reza Julaie
* Ta'm-e gass-e khormalu
Award-winning novel
By Zoya Pirzad
* Tehraanjeles (sample page)
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi

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Video of the Week

Dar Emtedaad-e Shab

Googoosh and Saied Kangarani get it on... Classic love story.

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More news

New police chief appointed

TEHRAN, Aug 25 (AFP) - The head of Iran's police force, General Hedayat Lotfian, officially appointed Wednesday a replacement for the commander of Tehran's metropolitan police force, sacked for his role in last month's bloody riots ... FULL TEXT

Cleric: Rushdie wasn't to be killed

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini did not really intend to have Salman Rushdie killed when he condemned the British author to death for blaspheming Islam, a moderate Iranian cleric said ... FULL TEXT

Abbas Amir Entezam's wife released

August 26, (Neshat) -- The spouse of Abbas Amir Entezam, Elaheh Amir Entezam, who had been detained after the July events [the student uprising], was released on Monday ... FULL TEXT

MKO leader still banned from uk

London, aug. 25, IRNA - leader of the front group of the mko terrorist organisation will be prevented from attending a conference in london next month, the british foreign office said wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Khatami vows to shake up bureaucracy

TEHRAN, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Iran's President Mohammad Khatami pledged on Thursday to shake up the country's ``sedate'' bureaucracy as part of reforms to revive the flagging economy. ... FULL TEXT

Red tape blocking U.S. food sales to Iran - Senator

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For the second time in two days, a senator has called on the Clinton administration to ease its new rules for making food sales to Iran ... FULL TEXT

Khatami under pressure to improve economy

TEHRAN, Aug 25 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami is coming under growing pressure to shift attention from political and social reform and address the country's troubled economy, plagued by recession, inflation and unemployment.... FULL TEXT

Boy meets girl as girl in Iran

TEHRAN, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Iran's morals police arrested a young man who tried to give them the slip by wearing make-up and women's clothing to be with his girlfriend, a newspaper reported on Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Farhad Aeesh is all excited

Tehran, (Neshat) - Frahad Aeesh, who began his artistic life as a theater director/actor in San Francisco's Bay Area, has been in Iran for a couple of years. Here are a few things that have gotten him all excited ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Ahmadi thinks highly of new film

Tehran, (Neshat) - Ahmad Reza Ahmadi (novelist?) has seen Kimiavi's new film "Faryad" ("Scream") and he thinks it's great. He's also excited about the release of a new album recorded by two women -- Maliheh Saeedi and Pari Zangeneh ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Daei and Mahdavi-Kia ONLY

Tehran, (Neshat) - National soccer team head coach Mansour Pour-Heydari is focusing his offensive strategy on two players, Ali Daei and Mehdi Mahdavi-Kia ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Barzegar, a new star for Persepolis

Tehran, (Neshat) - Mohammad Barzegar, who has gained experience in other soccer clubs, has been putting on a great show as a halfback for Persepolis ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Wrestling: Preparing for world championships

Tehran, (Neshat) - As the date for world free-style wrestling championship matches in Ankara nears, the Iranian team wonders if it can regain the top title. Recent friendly matches have been failures ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Another moderate Iranian newspaper goes online. But there are a lot of bugs. Not easy to access. Font may or may not work.

Beyond Iran

Fans of "Wallace and Gromit," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," and "James and the Giant Peach" will appreciate this labor of love dedicated to stop-motion animation.

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I believe strongly in my rights as a woman but I am also a realist and married to an Iranian who loves his rice to boot. The only time he ever cooked for me was when he was trying to convince me that marriage was a good thing. I was in my early twenties and still believed that one day I could change the world.

-- Sally Azarmi
"Rice, Iranian style"
The Iranian
August 26, 1999

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Hostage in Iran


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