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Tuesday December 14, 1999 / Azar 23, 1378, No. 867

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Letter from Amman
U.S. is perceived to be playing the old imperial game

By Majid Tehranian
December 14, 1999
The Iranian

It was 5 am. The chant of the muezzin woke me up: "Ashhadu an la illaha illalah! I witness that there is no God but God. I witness that Muhammad is His Prophet. Rise to prayer. Rise to do good deeds..."

The melodious voice brought back sweet childhood memories. I didn't mind the early hours and my own jet lag. I had to meet my driver in an hour for the journey to Petra, the City of the Dead, better known here as the Rose City. Makhled was a stocky and smiling man with four children. We soon called each other "brother." My faltering Arabic was bonding us in our journey through the desert ... GO TO FEATURE


Religion & freedom

An interview with Yadollah Sahabi, one of the founding members of the Freedom Movement of Iran (PDF file) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Noah's Ark

WYSIWYG FILMWORKS writes to The Iranian:

Can you give me any information concerning reported sightings of supposed locations of Noah's Ark during either British or American forces stationed either in or around the city of Hamadan, Iran?

Thank you.

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* Course of action

Jamshid Naghizadeh writes: The matter of fingerprinting Iranians at U.S. airports has come up many times in the past, but it seems that this issue has not been fully appreciated by many Iranians. Sometime ago the well known Iranian film director Dariyoush Mehrjooi was fingerprinted. Mehrjooi is a former graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. A number of invited Iranian athletes were also fingerprinted. These two events and a few others have been publicized in the press, but routine fingerprinting of ordinary Iranian civilians have gone unnoticed.

This policy is a deliberate attempt by U.S. authorities to humiliate, insult, and degrade innocent Iranians and label them as terrorists. In fact it may be illegal within the U.S. on the grounds of discrimination ... I suggest the following course of action ... FULL TEXT

* Removed from reality

Plain Jane writes: In reference to "No plain Jane", the author is fortunate that his life circumstances have been so far removed from our every day reality that he reduces our reasoning for changing names to easy assimilation in the work place. A job has to be there first, I believe, before you can begin to assimilate.

* Panel: Mending nations, Washington DC

Mending Nations is a discussion about Russia, Iran and Cuba. It will be held on Friday, January 21 at The National Press Club, Washington, D.C. 529 14th Street, N.W. 13th Floor, Holeman Room from 2:00-4:00. Guest speajers: Luba Brezhnev is the niece of Leonicd Brezhnev, the man who lead the former Soviet Union for 18 years. Lailee Bakhtiar is from the Bakhtiar clan in Iran, author of Harem Letters, Chai and Host/Producer of a PBS affililate TV program "Authors & Critics". Myriam Lesnik Chavez is the Cuban born daughter-in-law of deceased labor leader Cesar Chavez. Opening and closing commentary by psychiatrist Dr. Jamshid A. Bakhtiar. For information call: 650-347-6015.


Books of the Week

* Saaniyeh-yeh aakhar (1999)
Y2K issues in Iran
By Dr. Ali Parandeh

* Barandeh-haa ham baazandeh-and (1999)
A memoir by a former mayor of Tehran, with photos
By Ahmad Nafisi

* Jazireh sargardaani (2nd edition, 1998)
By Simin Daneshvar

* Mumia va assal (1996)
By Shahriar Mandanipour

* Mehr-e giaah (1998)
ByAmir Hassan Cheheltan

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Video of the Week

Divorce Iranian Style

A new documentary that goes where Western camera s have never before gone: into an Iranian divorce court. The film is directed by award- winning independent filmmaker Kim Longinotto and Ziba Mir-Hosseini, an Iranian anthropologist and writer, based in London, whose specialty is women's rights and family law in the Mid-East.

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More news

Students demand reformist cleric's release

TEHRAN, Dec 13 (Reuters) - About 4,000 Iranian students held a campus rally in Tehran on Monday to protest against the imprisonment of leading reformist cleric Abdollah Nouri. ``Nouri must be released!'' chanted the students, who carried portraits of Nouri and President Mohammad Khatami ... FULL TEXT

Jailed Abdollah Nouri registered for general elections

TEHRAN, Dec 14 (AFP) - Jailed Iranian former vice president Abdollah Nuri was registered as a candidate for key parliamentary elections in February Tuesday by his lawyer, giving fresh hope to his reformist supporters of success in the polls ... FULL TEXT

Khamenei calls for "healthy" legislative elections

TEHRAN, Dec 14 (AFP) - Iran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for healthy legislative elections and demanded that organisers, particularly government officials, demonstrate neutrality during the process, official agency IRNA reported Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

22 year old Basij member stabbed to death in Tehran

TEHRAN, Dec 14 (AFP) - One of Iran's Islamic militiamen, known as basij, was stabbed to death by a group of young men in Tehran at the weekend, press reports said Tuesday. Student Hadi Mohebi, 22, was set upon Saturday by eight men, who beat him and then stabbed him in his father's shop in the southeastern district of Iran-Mehr, the reports said ... FULL TEXT

American jailed for sale of missile parts to Iran

NEWARK, N.J., Dec 13 (Reuters) - A man was sentenced on Monday to 28 months in federal prison for illegally selling missile parts to Iran, U.S. Attorney Robert Cleary said ... FULL TEXT

Iran discusses law to protect foreign tourists

TEHRAN, Dec 14 (AFP) - The Iranian parliament began discussion Tuesday of new legislation to protect foreign tourists drafted after a wave of kidnappings of Western nationals threatened the country's fledgling tourism sector ... FULL TEXT

Iran sees compromise on next OPEC secretary-general

DUBAI, Dec 14 (Reuters) - OPEC power Iran expressed hope on Tuesday that the cartel will resolve the sensitive issue of choosing a secretary-general through a compromise ... FULL TEXT


Tehran (Iran daily) - Seven young Pop singers in Iran have put out a collection in an album called "Rangarang". Sounds familiar? Also, the latest performances by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Mahmoud Reza Rahimi's performance at the Tehran Municipal Theater cafeteria (Te'atre Shahr) is something related to the phenomenon of "coffeeshopism" ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Yazdani in Leeds United?

Tehran (Iran daily) - Dariyoush Yadzani and two other Iranian soccer players in Germany are said to be preparing to join Britain's Leeds United... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Peyrovani pissed

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Many expected Persepolis defender Afshin Peyrovani would be among those invited to the national team training camp. But he wasn't. Peyrovani himself says if he complains, he'll get in trouble. Is he not complaining? ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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