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Monday, February 15, 1999/ Bahman 26, 1377, No. 666

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Summer of 78
Abadan - the way it was

Photographs by Hamid Arjomand

I guess it would be romantic to think that I had some subconscious feeling that I would not go back to Abadan for a long while. It was the summer of 1978, right before the Cinema Rex fire. I borrowed my mother's camera, put on my Ray Bans, and jumped on my Honda moped on a hot afternoon. So it was that I documented as many of the streets of Braim as the two rolls of film permitted ... GO TO FEATURE


Brother of supreme leader assaulted

TEHRAN, Feb 13 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami called Saturday for an investigation into the assault of one of his advisers, the brother of supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, amid an escalation of political violence in the Islamic republic.

Khatami directed the intelligence and interior ministries to launch an investigation into Thursday's assault on Hadi Khamenei, publisher of the radical pro-Khatami daily Jahan-e-Islam and an adviser to the president ... FULL TEXT


Khorsandi Online

Hadi Khorsandi's is finally online. This is his own official site, full of cartoons and satirical pices on Iran today. You will not stop laughing.... GO THERE


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    The provisional government & Mossadegh

    In August 1979, Parkhash, a nationalist newspaper in Iran, ran photographs of senior officials from the Mosssadegh era and the post-revolutionary government. The feature was titled "From August 1952 to August 1979: What it was then, what it is now." Here are the photogrpahs... GO TO FEATURE

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* Farsi-speaking tourist

Hosain writes: Very funny, sad, and true ["Traffic immitating life"]. The best way of transport in Iran for people visiting is public transportation. If you wish to be a big spender you may raise your hand. Most cab drivers in Tehran understand you are a visitor and stop by you. You can jump in and give the address. It has been my experience you can get anywhere but the airport by offereing about 600 tomans. Iran is a great place to visit but you have to be patient. Remember you are just a tourist who can speak Farsi.

* Film: Iranian film festival in Houston

The series offers three powerful feature films from the quality cinema made by veteran directors Mehrjui and Panahi and by newcomer Parviz Shahbazi. It also features a remarkable full-length documentary co-directed by an Iranian anthropologist and a well-known British filmmaker. Together, these films offer affectionate and devastating glimpses of contemporary life in Iran... MORE DETAILS

Book of the Week

Women Without Men
A novella

By Shahrnush Parsipur

(Kamran Talattof Jocelyn Sharlet, translators)

The significance of Parsipur's work transcends the realm of literary activities. Her works were among the first feminist-conscious enunciations that appeal in the postrevolutionary period in response to limitations imposed on women by the state ideology... The following stories [reflect] the role that the rise of feminist-consciousness may play in the course of cultural change in Iran." -- Introductuon

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Amir-Entezam to be put on trial Tuesday

TEHRAN, Feb 15 (AFP) - A minister in Iran's first post-revolutionary government is to go on trial here Tuesday charged with slander, his wife told AFP. Abbas Amir-Entezam, regarded as a liberal, was detained last September after making critical statements about the former head of the Evin prison near Tehran, Assadollah Ladjevardi, who was assassinated in August ... FULL TEXT

Police issue account of German's murder

TEHRAN, Feb 15 (AFP) - Iranian police issued a detailed account Monday of the murder of a German businessman following mounting criticism of the authorities' handling of the affair and suggestions that "invisible hands" were behind it. Police insisted a lone fugitive from justice was reponsible for Saturday's murder of the former Tehran representative of Deutsche Bank, Heinrich Lambert Heimes ... FULL TEXT

Tehran wants "drastic reform" following dissident murders

TEHRAN, Feb 15 (AFP) - Iran's reformist government launched a campaign for a thorough overhaul of the secretive intelligence services Monday following last month's shock admission that "rogue" agents were involved in the murder of dissidents. The intelligence ministry, which is "responsible to ensure the security of citizens," had "become the home to a coterie of murderers," said an editorial in the government newspaper Iran Daily ... FULL TEXT

Interview with Moshiri

Tehran (Iran daily) - Iran's only newspaper for the blind has done an extensive interview with poet Fereydoun Moshiri ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran 2 - Kuwait 1

Tehran (Irna) - Iran defeated Kuwait in a friendly match in Kuwat City today ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Karimi suspended for a year

Tehran (Iran daily) - Attacking a referee has cost national soccer team player Ali Karimi a year's suspension from all domestic and international games ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

U.S. senator

Senator Boxer & Iran: The "terrorist nation"

In an interview on Larry King Live on February 10, Senator Barbara Boxer referred to Iran as a "terrorist nation." Is the use of the adjective "terrorist" together with "nation" appropriate? Did she really intend to convey that all persons of Iranian origin are terrorists? I think we should ask her. Her email address:

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We are asking for justice, that is all we want.

Elaheh Amir-Entezam, wife of Abbas Amir-Entezam who is going on trial
"Amir-Entezam to be put on trial"
February 15, 1999

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