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Feb 15-19, 1999 / Bahman 26-30,1377


* Revolution:
Politicized masses
- People deserve what they asked for


* Tehran:
- I still remember
* Abadan:
- Seeing Abadan once again
* Angylina:
- Went too far
- Hypocritical
* Tehran:
- Farsi-speaking tourist

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February 19, 1999

* Politicized masses

The Iranian revolution had one positive outcome -- it politicized the masses [1979 survey]. And this will prove be an incredibly important factor in the future of Iran. It can be noticed a lot with Iranians in Iran, especially the children of the revolution. They are sharp and tough as hell. The revolution killed our naivety and this will prove to be a positive fact in the future.

Although the revolution took a wrong turn, or was hijacked in the last minute (depending on how you look at it), it still was a "people's" uprising and that is very important. It shook a nation. It made many generations and social classes question the state.

Nargess Shahmanesh

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* People deserve what they asked for

Iranians in Iran deserve everything they asked for [1979 survey]. They were stupid enough to think that anything Islamic would be the solution or that a democracy would somehow form. Religion and politics don't mix, that's true, but this should have been realized 20 years ago!!!! What were Iranians thinking?! Not with their brains of course! ... FULL TEXT


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February 18, 1999

* I still remember

Thanks very much for your beautiful photos [Tehran: Too sweet to be true]. Your photos took me to my childhood. I enjoyed reading you experience in Tehran. I had similar experiences. I grew up in Tehran and have been in U.S. for more than 25 years. I still remember sleeping on the roof, watching the twinkling stars and listening to the music coming from far distance in hot summer nights. But I am not old enough to remember camels walking in the streets. Your photos have the smell of those days. I like to thank you again for sharing your photos.

Dr. Hamid Razi

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February 17, 1999

* Seeing Abadan once again

Thank you for Mr. Hamid Arjomand's pictures of Abadan. They took me back to over 25 years ago when I used to live there. Seeing the streets of Braim once again, I could still feel the hot sun on my back, the smell of "sharji" in my nostriles, and the deafening silence and stillness of a summer afternoon in my ears.

I could once again feel the boredom and anticipation as we waited for the grown ups to wake up from their "chorts" to take us to Segoosh swimming pool, just as my kids do today. It was a pleasant trip down memory lane.

Sam K. Tahmassebi
La Jolla, California

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February 16, 1999

* Went too far

I never thought that I would ever be writing a letter of complaint to my absolute favorite website. However, I feel that you simply went too far when you used the word "bimbo" to describe the Iranian model Angylina.

I am not sure to what extent you were joking, or if you were serious. Nevertheless, you should realize that such snide commenting is not only unneccesary, but at the same time childish. I hate to break it to you that not all Iranians can grow up to be BMW driving doctors and lawyers from west LA or Irvine California. I believe that ALL Iranians need to lend a hand to ALL of their fellow people. To put it succinctly, our community needs as much unity as possible.

Besides, how could you not like someone who is helping to change the way most Americans view beauty (blond hair, blue eyes, etc...)? Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, and Anna Nicole Smith.......move over! ;-)

Mehrdad Modjtahedi

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* Hypocrytical

I have to admit it is indeed quite hypocritical to name people when in fact one has probably searched their way into a site [Angylina], have viewed a fair amount of it and probably even enjoyed it.

I neither condone nor endorse her sight, but I believe that such name-callings do not go in line with the good natured, and often thought-provoking Iranian website and magazine.

Reza Khalili

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February 15, 1999

* Farsi-speaking tourist

Very funny, sad, and true ["Traffic immitating life"]. The best way of transport in Iran for people visiting is public transportation. If you wish to be a big spender you may raise your hand. Most cab drivers in Tehran understand you are a visitor and stop by you. You can jump in and give the address. It has been my experience you can get anywhere but the airport by offereing about 600 tomans. Iran is a great place to visit but you have to be patient. Remember you are just a tourist who can speak Farsi.


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