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Tinged with the Color of God
Learning the ins and outs of Iranian cinema during the Fajr festival

    By Laleh Khalili

    I am fortunate enough to be here when Majidi is nominated for an Oscar, and fortuitously, I had dragged my cousin to see his "Color of God" at a theater near Tehran University on the same day. The people in line seemed to be divided evenly between university students, somewhat severely garbed, and the cosmetically (and surgically) enhanced girls in their bright hair-coverings and chic raincoats and coifed and hip young gentlemen from further north. Once again, it is this latter group of supposed sophisticates who are the rudest, who cut into the line (the girls use flirting as a handy method of manipulating guys who have stood in line for hours to let them cut in) and then pick a fight if one even tries to pass them by. The university students are steamed and angry, but not much is said and done. Somehow, fatalistically, everyone accepts that the right to cheat and proceed in the lines belongs to the chic set ... GO TO FEATURE


Laleh Motamed Amin

* Date of Birth: 26/03/1971
* Country of Birth: Iran
* Qualification: Degree in Graphic Design, Graduated in 1994.
* Collective Exhibitions:
1) Dec. 1995, Haft Samar Art Gallery
2) Feb. 1996, Bahman Cultural House
3) May 1996, Bampad Gallery
4) Aug. 1997, Seyhoon Gallery
* Individual Exhibitions:
1) May 1997, Haft Samar Gallery
2) Nov. 1998, Haft Samar Gallery


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For you, Angy baby

Dear sir,

I have been following the controversy over Angylina and her web site with great interest. I cannot decide who is right or wrong in all this, but I've got to tell you: I'm madly in LOVE! I know she's been hurt and I want to make her smile if I can. Please consider posting this song as my dedication to my beautiful Angylina: Louis Prima's "Embraceable you" (RealAudio)


Hormoz Khakpour

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* Seeing Abadan once again

Sam K. Tahmassebi writes: Thank you for Mr. Hamid Arjomand's pictures of Abadan. They took me back to over 25 years ago when I used to live there. Seeing the streets of Braim once again, I could still feel the hot sun on my back, the smell of "sharji" in my nostriles, and the deafening silence and stillness of a summer afternoon in my ears.

I could once again feel the boredom and anticipation as we waited for the grown ups to wake up from their "chorts" to take us to Segoosh swimming pool, just as my kids do today. It was a pleasant trip down memory lane.

* Art: Woemn artists in Iran have show in San Francisco
* Art: Gallery Ovissi art show, Emeryville

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House of Sand and Fog

By Andre Dubus

Dubus tells his tragic tale from the viewpoints of the two main adversaries, [Amir] Behrani [, a former colonel in the Iranian military under the Shah,] and Kathy [Nicolo, a self-destructive alcoholic.] To both of them, the house represents something more than just a place to live. For the colonel, it is a foot in the door of the American Dream; for Kathy, a reminder of a kinder, gentler past. In prose that is simple yet evocative The House of Sand and Fog builds to its inevitable denouement, one that is painfully dark but unfailingly honest. -- Alix Wilber,

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New Iranian intelligence chief faces vote of confidence

TEHRAN, Feb 17 (AFP) - The new head of Iran's scandal-tainted intelligence ministry was presented to parliament Wednesday for a vote of confidence, the official news agency IRNA reported. Ali Yunesi was tapped to take over as head of the powerful ministry from Qorbanali Dorri-Najafabadi, who resigned this month following the revelation that "rogue" intelligence agents had been involved in the murders of several dissidents and writers last year ... FULL TEXT

Campaigning to start for first municipal elections in Iran

TEHRAN, Feb 17 (AFP) - Candidates can begin campaigning Thursday for next week's municipal elections, the first in Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution and a vital test for democratic reforms, the interior ministry said Wednesday... FULL TEXT

Elf, Agip win $500 mln Iran Doroud oil deal

DUBAI, Feb 17 (Reuters) - France's Elf Aquitaine and Italy's ENI have won a deal worth some $500 million to expand Iran's Doroud offshore oil and gasfield, an Iranian oil official said on Wednesday. ``The National Iranian Oil Company has awarded Elf and Agip the Doroud deal and it has been approved by the Supreme Economic Council,'' the official, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters ... FULL TEXT

U.S. to target Canada, UK firms in Iran oil deal

WASHINGTON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - The Clinton Administration will target two Canadian and British companies taking part in a $200 million Iranian oil project under a U.S. sanctions law that seeks to deter large foreign investments in Iran's energy sector, a State Department spokesman said Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

U.S.: Iran no longer a "rogue" state

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)-- The Washington Post reported Wednesday that as far as the State Department is concerned, Iran is no longer a rogue state... FULL TEXT

Americans near June match against Iran

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Friday, February 5, 1999) -- Final details are being worked out for the United States to play Iran in an international friendly at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. on either the first or second weekend in June ... FULL TEXT

Mahdavi-kia pleases

Tehran (Iran daily) - German team is happy with Mahdavi-kia's first performances during a few warm-up games ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN


President Clinton honors Iranian-American scientist

From Goli Ameri:Azadeh Jacobs (Tabazadeh), was received by President Clinton in the White House Tuesday (Feb 16, 1999) and acknowledged as an accomplished scientist in the field of environmental sciences. The White House also extended a government grant of $600,000 to be controlled and spent at her discretion in her quest for resolving environmental issues. She has her PhD from UCLA and works in San Fransisco for NASA. She has recently made quite a name for herself in the field of envrironmental protection.

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Khatami Spring

Here, I am learning about the works of all these other directors who have been forced into silence for some twenty years and only now are again making films. The Khatami Spring is the real thing.

Laleh Khalili
"Tinged with the Color of God"
The Iranian
February 17, 1999

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