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Monday July 12 1999 / Tir 21, 1378, No. 766

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The spark
... that ignited nation-wide student protests

July 12, 1999
The Iranian

An eyewitness account of the scene of an incident that sparked nation-wide protests at universities. On Thursday July 8 the security forces backed by hardline thugs clashed with student protesters at Tehran University's dorms in Amirabad. The students were protesting against the closure of the moderate Salam newspaper when they were attacked. Scores of students were injured and hundreds were arrested. The unconfirmed death toll is at least three. (See photo index)

The attack began at the dorms closest to the main gate. Some students ran to a set of dorms further inside the compound, and they were pursued. The worst damage was to the inner dorms -- dorm 20, particularly. Room 40 in that building was completely burned. I mean BURNED! It was a horrific site.

In the corridors, my eyes felt irritated. Tear gas! Most rooms were trashed. Windows broken, doors kicked in. There were signs of fire in the corridors -- the size that one would expect for the purpose of fighting off tear gas. Around the campus there was plenty of broken glass ... GO TO FEATURE


Reactions to student movement

- Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri
- Nehzat Azadi
- Iranian security council statement
- BBC analysis: Strength of student movement
- Daily Neshat's photos of student demonstrations (PDF)


Marg bar piyaadeh ro

Tehran Times
July 12, 1999

I was personally there [at the student protest gathering] when a passerby was pushed by the crowd, his head was broken due to hitting the pavement. A number of newspapers published his bloody face on the front page of their newspapers claiming that he had been a victim of violence, Mohammadi, a reporter, said ... FULL TEXT

Thanks to Mehdi Sharif

More Letters

* Embrace global community

Farhad writes: The writer of this article speaks of one losing their Iranian identity as though that would be such a tragedy ["After all, I am Iranian"]!

When I look at the Iranian community all I see is a people obsessed with appearance and intolerant of diversity. What few things there are to be proud of, such as the Persian empire, date back a good 2000.

It is time for Iranians to let down their guard and embrace the global community. Maybe then we could have new things to be proud of.

And for their readers who are gonna be writing to me criticizing my parents for not bringing me up in an Iranian environment, let me just say that I grew up in Iran, not America.

* Still Iranian

Behnam Farahpour writes: I was going through The Iranian and I read "After all, I am Iranian". It was writen so nicely and true.

Even though I have only been in the U.S. five years I have grown so much in here. I don't dare call myself Iranian American cuz I am still an Iranian. I feel the same pride

It was so obvious that my roomate this past year called me a complete nationalist. He was telling me how I get so excited about every other news or event about Iran.

I guess we all have that pride in us that no one has the power to take away.

* Reading: Nahai's reading in Los Angeles

Gina B. Nahai, author of the best-selling "Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith" will be reading at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 13, 7:30 p.m. (2701 North Sepulveda Blvd. 405 Freeway: Exit Skirball Center Drive). Tel: (310) 440-4500. This will be her last reading before the Fall.

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The Stone
A Persia Legend of the Magi

By y Dianne Hofmeyr, Jude Daly (Illustrator)

This exquisitely illustrated story spins anew the famous tale of the Magi. It is a retelling of the Persian legend, as told to Marco Polo in the 13th century, whereupon three astronomers, Jasper, Melchior, and Balthasar, who are also healers and holy men, follow a bright star in the sky to witness the birth of a king. Upon greeting the child, the three men present gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh. The child accepts their gifts, but also endows the three men with his own offeringa stone. It proves to be a solid symbol of belief that gives off a fervor of fire. Daly's illustrations perfectly capture the arid landscapes and the starry night sky, and her intriguing perspectives and inventive use of the page combine ancient, simplified forms with more elegant lines. The book has broad appeal, giving a fresh new shape and texture to a familiar story -- Kirkus Reviews ... GO TO BOOK

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Bahram Bayzaie's unforgettable love story starring Parviz Fannizadeh, Parvaneh Ma'sumi and Ali Keshavarz.

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More news

Pressure mounts on Iran's supreme leader

TEHRAN, July 11 (Reuters) - Pressure mounted on Sunday on Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to step in and end four days of protest rallies touched off by an attack on pro-democracy students by police and hardline vigilantes. Thousands of angry students at Tehran University's main dormitory complex called on Khamenei -- who under Iran's Islamic system has final say in all matters of state -- to guarantee personally the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the assault, abetted by elements of the police, on Thursday night and early Friday morning ... FULL TEXT

Students prepare for wider protests

TEHRAN, July 11 (Reuters) - Thousands of angry Iranian students prepared on Sunday to take their protest to the streets of Tehran, turning up the heat on political and religious leaders. ``Either Islam and the law, or another revolution,'' chanted the students. Their demands included the execution of the police chief, who reports to Iran's dominant clergy ... FULL TEXT

Iran sacks police officials after protests

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran said Sunday it had sacked two senior police officers for ordering a bloody crackdown against pro-democracy students which sparked widespread protests against political and religious leaders. In a statement read on state media, the Supreme National Security Council said the sacked officers, a brigadier general and his aide, would also be prosecuted over raids on student dormitories late Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Iran papers to strike to protest at Salam closure

TEHRAN, July 11 (Reuters) - Iranian journalists plan to stage a one-day strike on Tuesday to protest against the closure of the pro-reform Salam newspaper, newspapers reported on Sunday. ``We will lay down our pens on Tuesday...and invite our colleagues throughout the country to do likewise,'' said the statement signed by 583 journalists and carried by leading reformist newspapers ... FULL TEXT

Iran, UAE ministers in separate talks on dispute

DUBAI, July 11 (Reuters) - The foreign ministers of Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are to hold separate talks on Sunday with officials from a regional committee trying to end a territorial row between the two states. Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani said Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi would meet Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal in the kingdom ... FULL TEXT

Saudi Arabia says Iran must resolve islands dispute

KUWAIT, July 10 (Reuters) - Saudi Defence Minister Prince Sultan said on Saturday that improved Gulf Arab ties with Iran hinged on Tehran resolving a territorial dispute with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Gulf news agencies reported. Iran should consider settling the long-standing dispute over three strategic Gulf islands as ``the basis for improved cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC),'' the agencies quoted the prince as saying, after he arrived in Kuwait for an official visit ... FULL TEXT

Iran presents candidate for OPEC's top post

TEHRAN, July 10 (Reuters) - Iran said on Saturday it would nominate its OPEC governor, Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, as candidate for the oil producer group's secretary-general post. ``The Islamic Republic of Iran considers it to be its right to obtain the post of secretary-general of OPEC and officially presents Hossein Kazempour Ardebili as its candidate,'' IRNA quoted oil ministry spokesman Mohammad Sohofi as saying ... FULL TEXT

Orang Khezraie: Disrespect

Tehran, (Neshat) - The family of the poet Orang Khezraie who died last week, was not able to bury him at the special cemetery for literrary personalities in Isfahan. Municipality officials were demaning a million tomans ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

What's playing in Tehran?

Tehran, (Neshat) - There are at least a dozen plays currently on stage in Tehran. Here's a list of their names, directors and ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Persepolis wins second cup

Tehran, (Neshat) - Perseplois defeated Esteqlal 2-1 in the finals of the elimination cup, winning its second soccer title of the year. Any doubts on Iran's best team? Qermezeteh! ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

What went on the side

Tehran, (Iran daily) - There were 100,000 at Azadi stadium three hours before the match started ... Ticket prices for premium seats soared outside the fates before the Perspolis-Esteqlal match... blue and red balloons ... some fans had come from the provices ... ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Ansaar jenaayat mikonad, rahbar hemaayat mikonad

(The Ansar commits crimes and the Leader, i.e. Ayatollah Khamenei, protects them).

-- Slogan chanted by Tehran University student protesters
"The spark"
The Iranian
July 12, 1999

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