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Great pain
Eyewitness accounts of tension in Tehran

July 13, 1999
The Iranian

Eyewitness reports by of recent student protests. The first two are from today's events near Tehran University, written by S.M.A. The other is from a few nights ago originally posted on the Iran News alias, forwarded by Payman Arabshahi. Also see photos from various news agencies.

Report 1

Near the University of Tehran. Noon.

Two major prongs on the east and west side of the university making evasive moves. Just two hours ago there was nothing to report. Now, burning tires and newspapers, refuge from tear gas ... GO TO FEATURE


Student demands


... Our demands include:

1. Freedom of all political prisoners, and especially those students who have been arrested by the special University security forces at the dormitories. The freedom of Tabarzadi [one of the student leaders], Kadivar [a religious cleric, critical of regime's policies] and Abbas Amir Entezam [the longest held political prisoner since 1979] ... FULL TEXT


Kafkaesque exile cleared for take-off

The Times of London
July 13, 1999

AN IRANIAN exile who claims to be the son of a Scottish nurse may be nearing the end of his 11-year wait for a flight out of Paris. Merhan Karimi Nasseri, 54, known at Charles de Gaulle airport as Sir Alfred, has been granted refugee status by the Belgian authorities, bringing to an end a tale that makes Kafka seem simple ... FULL TEXT

Thanks to Laleh Khalili

More Letters

* Aafarin to the Iranian students

Mehrdad writes: I have nothing but admiration for the students in Iran ["The spark"]. They stood up to the authorities and showed that whatever the regime does, it can not violate the sanctity of university facilities. Students are a very powerful sector of any society, specially in countries where campuses are not the place for big drinking parties and scenes of sexual escapades.

Universities in such countries are places for fervors of intellect and political idealism to bloom. Students are generally hot headed, emotional and idealist. They are at an age that because of their proven intellects, they feel they have the power to do anything and stop any violation of their beliefs ... FULL TEXT

* Time for a change

Ara writes: I think its horrible what these students are going through ["The spark"]. I don't understand how a government can be so stupid as to ban rallies that they don't "approve of."

I think living in a democracy we take for granted our rights to peacefully protest that which we seek to change or simply as a means of expressing ourselves.

I hope more protests sprout in the near future around Iran to show the dimwit government that others too hold a similar belief on the issue of the free press and freedom to protest.

I know I will do my part by joining demonstrations here [in the U.S.]. I hope you will do the same because I know it is time for a change

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Sunday, July 25th, Lava Lounge, Baltimore Inner Harbor, 2:00 pm (Free Concert)

Sunday July 25th, Discovery Channel Store, Baltimore, 6:00 pm (Free Concert)

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The Stone
A Persia Legend of the Magi

By y Dianne Hofmeyr, Jude Daly (Illustrator)

This exquisitely illustrated story spins anew the famous tale of the Magi. It is a retelling of the Persian legend, as told to Marco Polo in the 13th century, whereupon three astronomers, Jasper, Melchior, and Balthasar, who are also healers and holy men, follow a bright star in the sky to witness the birth of a king. Upon greeting the child, the three men present gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh. The child accepts their gifts, but also endows the three men with his own offeringa stone. It proves to be a solid symbol of belief that gives off a fervor of fire. Daly's illustrations perfectly capture the arid landscapes and the starry night sky, and her intriguing perspectives and inventive use of the page combine ancient, simplified forms with more elegant lines. The book has broad appeal, giving a fresh new shape and texture to a familiar story -- Kirkus Reviews ... GO TO BOOK

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Bahram Bayzaie's unforgettable love story starring Parviz Fannizadeh, Parvaneh Ma'sumi and Ali Keshavarz.

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More news

Police fire in air amid street battles

July 13, TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian plain-clothes security forces shot into the air Tuesday to disperse angry pro-democracy protesters in central Tehran as running street battles spread. Hundreds of protesters tried to storm the heavy iron gates of the interior ministry, which controls the police, as the riots moved away from Tehran University, scene of six days of protests by students against a police and Islamic vigilante attack during a peaceful rally last week ... FULL TEXT

Protesters defy government ban

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- In a flashback to the revolution that installed Iran's Islamic government 20 years ago, baton-wielding police fired tear gas to disperse 10,000 protesters on the streets of Tehran today, the sixth day of protests against hard-liners who have thwarted reform efforts. Demonstrators quickly regrouped in nearby streets where they burned buses and hurled abuse at hard-line clerics ... FULL TEXT

U.S. supports peaceful protests in Iran

WASHINGTON, July 12 (Reuters) - The United States on Monday took sides with peaceful Iranian student demonstrators against what it called repression by police and hardline vigilante groups. The U.S. State Department also urged the Iranian government to protect the demonstrators and to respect international human rights standards, including the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly ... FULL TEXT

Israel says Iran protests could bring new openness

JERUSALEM, July 12 (Reuters) - Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy said on Monday student protests in Iran could signal an era of new openness in the Islamic Republic. ``The day will come -- and it is not far off -- that we will see a different atmosphere emerging from Iran,'' Levy told reporters when asked about five days of pro-democracy student protests in Tehran and other Iranian cities ... FULL TEXT

Iran sweetens terms for oil exploration firms-MEES

NICOSIA, July 12 (Reuters) - Iran has sweetened terms for international oil companies seeking oil exploration deals in the country, the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) reported on Monday. The newsletter said the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) made the move in response to foreign oil company criticism of its exploration terms. NIOC has approved a mechanism ``whereby explorers will automatically be able to participate in development contracts secured by third parties.''... FULL TEXT

Protests have impact on performing arts

Tehran, (Neshat) - The student protests have had a noticeable effect on the performing arts. Ticket sales for various shows have been quite low ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pop star

Tehran, (Neshat) - Ali-Reza Assar is a pop star. His latest album, "Kuch-e Asheqaaneh" (Lovely Migration) has been a best-seller in recent weeks ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Persepolis owes victory to Payrovani

Tehran, (Neshat) - Afshin Payrovani plays defense. But his goal against Esteqlal brought his team a victory and a trophy ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Estqlal players look back

Tehran, (Neshat) - Two Esteqlal players look back at Sunday's loss to Persepolis and share some of their thoughts ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Girls in world Karate championships

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Iranian girls will take part in the world Karate championships in Hungary. But at what age group? Last time they were in the 8-year-olds category. This year, if approved, 9 to 12-years old will take part ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Quote Unquote

Can't mess with these guys

I am sure this new movement has caused many of the conservative and even semi-conservative leaders of Iran to have cold sweaty backs and foreheads. They are thinking for the first time that hey we can't mess with these guys (students). They are not afraid of our jails and clubs and bullets.

-- Mehrdad
Letter to The Iranian
July 13, 1999

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Violence could "weaken reforms"


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