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Wednesday July 21, 1999 / Tir 30, 1378, No. 773

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It's the civil society, stupid!
It's ugly and brutal - but true

By Mansoureh Haqshenas & Koorosh Bayat
July 21, 1999
The Iranian

- Okay, so here it goes... In early July thousands of Iranian students in more than a dozen cities staged unprecedented rallies, demanding greater freedoms ...
- ... and the overthrow of the Islamic Republic.
- They did NOT ask for the overthrow of the regime!
- Yes they DID!
- Some of them condemaned Khamenei's support for the Ansar thugs. But there was no "Death to the Islamic Republic".
- Doesn't matter. The whole movement was against the regime.
- Aziz joon! The students were very critical of the regime. But most of them were pro-Khatami ... GO TO FEATURE


U.S. reaction fuelled Iran hardliners

LONDON, July 21 (Reuters) - The United States, keen to open a political dialogue with Iran after 20 years of hostility, may have just missed a golden opportunity to keep its mouth shut, diplomats say.

Washington's public comment on student demonstrations in Tehran last week infuriated Iranian reformers and hardliners alike, gave a pretext for a crackdown on pro-democracy activists and set back any prospect of U.S.-Iran talks, they say ... FULL TEXT





These are on the basis of clinical observation, circumstantial evidences and some caries reseach by myself! ... GO TO BEHROOZ KHAN'S DENTAL PAGE

More Letters

* Moderate, practicing Muslim

Sanaz writes: I enjoyed reading "After all, I am Iranian" and found it refreshing that people my age are learning about Iranian culture and traditions. However, if I may add my own opinion, being Iranian does not only center around one's customs, traditions, or even language ...

As a moderate, practicing Muslim, I find it utterly shameful that we Iranian Muslims cannot be proud of our faith. We don't need to be extremist or even yield to one dogma. As a moderate Muslim, I wear my hijab in the masjid, AND THAT''S IT. I am like a typical American girl outside and enjoy the freedoms of being the first born Iranian-American in this great country ...

That is why I stress that it is important for Iranians, whether Jewish, Christian, Zorastrian or Muslim to teach their children about religion and culture together. For example, Iranians gave the Islamic world many great scientific, artistic, and cultural traditions that have helped shape our traditions. You cannot teach culture without religion ... FULL TEXT

* Admirable


Abbas writes: Soma's reports from Tehran are great and being special the The Iranian Times is excellent. Putting out the "Extra"s are very timely and the stance of The Iranian Times in relation to recent events has been clear and admirable. Your role, nowadays, is more important than ever and I'm glad for you and my favorite publication.

* Culture: Seventh Annual Iranian Festival in Seattle

Come join thousands of other Iranians and American friends in celebration of the Iranian culture.The Association of Iranians in Washington State is proud to present the biggest and best ever Iranian festival in Seattle at Marymoor Park on August 8th. 11 AM - 7 PM ... DETAILS HERE

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From this week we will offer books directly from Iran. They will include the best new and classic books available. You can also ask for special orders and we will try to find them for you. Tell us your order by email ( and we will send you payment information (check/creditcard). NOTE: Prices include shipping and handling.

* Siaah mashq-haa (1999)
Poems by H.A. Sayeh (Hoshang Ebtehaj),
363 pages.

* Raaport-haaye yomiyeh (1999)
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi
382 pages.

* Qesseh-haaye nasreddin (1999)
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi
180 pages

* Amineh (1998)
Historical novel by Masaoud Behnoud
382 pages.

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Salaam Cinema

An award-wining film by Mohsen Makhmalbaf who runs an ad in Tehran newspapers indicating that he needs a few actors for his new movie. Several days later few thousands young Iranian boys and girls show up for auditions. This film portrays a unique side of Iranian society and the dreams and desires of the young generation.

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More news

Khatami turns on hardline critics

TEHRAN, July 21 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and his reformist allies, accused of failing to defend the Islamic system during recent unrest, on Wednesday moved against hardline publications that had challenged him. The Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry, firmly under Khatami's control, said it had moved against three newspapers after they published a letter by Revolutionary Guards commanders criticising Khatami and warning their patience with ``insults against the system'' was running out ... FULL TEXT

Sobh-e Emrooz editor arrested

July 21, (BBC) - The editor of a moderate Iranian national newspaper has been arrested for allegedly insulting Islam in an article. The editor, Kazem Shokri, of the daily Emrooz was charged on Tuesday with having authorised the publication of an article offensive to the Koran ... FULL TEXT

Students accuse conservatives of staging riots

TEHRAN, July 20 (AFP) - Pro-reform Iranian students accused the regime's conservatives on Tuesday of orchestrating last week's riots in a bid to topple President Mohammad Khatami or seriously weaken his government ... FULL TEXT

Iran should release non-violent protesters

(New York, July 19, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today called on the Iranian authorities to release the names of the hundreds of students and others taken into detention following violent clashes last week ... FULL TEXT

Kharrazi meets Saudi crown prince

TAIF, Saudi Arabia, July 21 (Reuters) - Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for talks that an Iranian official hinted could include discussion of Iran's territorial dispute with the United Arab Emirate ... FULL TEXT

U.S. senator mpatient In absence of Iran export regulations

July 20, WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, R-Ind., Tuesday called on President Bill Clinton to immediately put in place regulations that will allow U.S. companies to export agricultural products to Iran ... FULL TEXT

U.S. should mind its own business

July 20 (National Post, Canada) - There is an additional, unfortunate "know your client" rule at U.S.-owned Merrill Lynch Canada Inc., according to a company memo leaked to me recently ... FULL TEXT

Foreign workers take $1.2 billion out of Iran annually

June 30, (The Middle East Observer) - Mashad, Khorasan Province - A senior Labor Ministry official said that over one million foreign nationals illegally working in Iran take $1.2 billion out of the country annually ... FULL TEXT

Shamlu translates play

Tehran, (Neshat) - Before his recent illness Ahmad Shamlu translated a play by a South American writer which will be brought on stage in Iran ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Writer baffeled by sudden fame

Tehran, (Neshat) - Davood Ghaffarzadegaan is a young writer who has made quite a name for himself with a series of novels and short stories. He was one of the writers who recently received an award for his contribution to literature during the last two decades. But he's baffled by the sudden fame ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

U.S. basketball team to visit Iran for tournament: report

TEHRAN, July 19 (AFP) - Iran 's basketball federation announced Monday that five other countries will field teams for a tournament here next month, including the United States. US and Iranian sides will join teams from Belgium, Hungary, Russia and Yugoslavia for a week-long tournament in Tehran beginning August 15, the federation said, cited by the official IRNA news agency.

Esteqlal whipped

Tehran, (Neshat) - Esteqlal has appeared poorly against two German teams. Esteqlal's Russian headcoach says this is an opportunity to learn from mistakes ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

France looking for bargains

Tehran, (Neshat) - While Iranian soccer teams train in Germany, French recruiters are paying visits, looking into signing quality players for a fraction of what they pay for European and South American stars ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

He's mine! NO! He's MINE!

Tehran, (Neshat) - A fued beteween Esteqlal and Bahman clubs over star forward Sattar Hamadani grows to ridiculous proportions ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Last chance

Khatami is the last chance for the Islamic regime. His reform program is the only way the Islamic republic can survive. If it fails, future generations will turn to non-peaceful means to achieve their goals.

-- Ali Afshari from leading student group the Office of Consolidation and Unity
July 20, 1999

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Students accuse conservatives


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