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Wednesday July 28, 1999 / Mordad 6, 1378, No. 778

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Who are we kidding?
We need more than just mild improvement

By Reza Razavi
July 28, 1999
The Iranian

The recent events in Iran have affected most Iranians in different ways. There are some who really don't care one way or another what happens to our country as long as they have their relative freedoms. These people are the weaker ones who always find a need to go along with the system and would much rather live a life of imprisonment in Iran rather than risking their lives to be free. Well, whatever tickles their tummy ... GO TO FEATURE


Shah's widow marks his 19th death anniversary in Egypt


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Accompanied by a royal entourage, the former queen of Iran on Tuesday marked the anniversary of the death of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi amid Egyptian efforts to reconcile with the Islamic regime which toppled the monarchy.

Before Farah Pahlavi began her annual pilgrimage to her husband's tomb, she paid homage to Egypt's late president Anwar Sadat, who gave refuge to the exiled monarch after he was overthrown in 1979 ... FULL TEXT



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More Letters

* Blind faith

Alex Bettesworth writes: Farina Chaudry's letter sounds like someone indoctrinated to defend the "faith" to the point of being blind ... Were the origins better understood, people might not be so ready to accept them unquestioningly. Take for example the veiling of women. Originally this was used within the Persian empire as a way to distinguish upper class women from those of the lower classes. It conveyed the idea that a woman's husband was well-off enough financially that his wife did not need to work. As Muslim Arabs became the new upper class they adopted this practice and eventually made it into Islamic law ... FULL TEXT

* True conspiracies

Mehraban writes: Ahmad Ashraf has a very nice interpretation of history. I admire his interest but what he said in "Conspiracy theories and the Persian mind" shows his lack of knowledge. The history of Iran is a fact and far from any myth.

* Theater: Six plays in the Bay

GOLDEN THREAD PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: Six Plays- en short - A collection of contemporary works ranging from parody to profound exploring love, death, revolution and other trivial pursuits, organized by Torange Yeghiazarian. AUGUST 4-28, 1999, WEDNSDAY - SATURDAY, 8pm. General Admission $15. EXIT THEATRE, 156 Eddy St., San Francisco Reservation & Information (510) 986-9194.

Books of the Week

From Aristotle to Zoroaster
An A-To-Z Companion to the Classical World

By Arthur Cotterell

A groundbreaking and authoritative reference tool, From Aristotle to Zoroaster provides the first comprehensive guide to the classical world as a whole. Never before have the key peoples, places, institutions, and events of Greece, Rome, Persia, India, and China been encompassed in a single volume, highlighting the fascinating similarities and differences, tensions and compound effects that laid the foundations of presentday Europe and Asia. Students, experts, and classical history buffs alike will discover a wealth of information in this easy-to-use volume ... GO TO BOOK

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Video of the Week

Aqaay-e Haalu
(The Idiot)

Pre-revolution classic. Starring Ezzatollah Entezami, Ali Nasirian and Fakhri Khorvash.

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More news

Riots leave Khatami facing bitter political struggle

TEHRAN, July 28 (AFP) - President Mohammad Khatami has tried to smooth over Iran's power struggle as an "illusion" but conservatives are stepping up the attack on his reform agenda two weeks after bloody riots shook the nation ... FULL TEXT

Students distance themselves from protesters

July 28, 1999 (he Wall Street Journal Europe) - TEHRAN, Iran -- Security officials in Iran are using recent student riots to crack down on dissidents opposed to the country's Islamic regime, and they are getting little protest from student groups that favor more limited reforms ... FULL TEXT

Students file libel charges against dailies

TEHRAN, July 28 (Reuters) - An Iranian umbrella student organisation with 50,000 members has filed suit in a criminal case against three hardline dailies, a newspaper said on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Iran seen shunning U.S. wheat for now

PARIS, July 28 (Reuters) - Tension between moderates and conservatives in Tehran and ongoing hostility toward the United States is likely to keep Iran from buying U.S. wheat for now, European banking sources and grain traders said this week ... FULL TEXT

Germany confirms arrest of Iranian espionage suspect

Berlin (dpa) - Police in Berlin have arrested an Iranian national suspected of espionage, the federal prosecutor's office confirmed Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Turkey seek more Iranian help against rebels

ANKARA, July 28 (Reuters) - Turkey on Wednesday urged Iran to cooperate with it against Kurdish separatist rebels who Turkey says operate from Iranian territory ... FULL TEXT

Russian Companies Interested in Investment in Iran

MOSCOW, July 28 (Itar-Tass) -- Russia's First Vice Premier Nikolai Aksyonenko said the participation of Russian firms in the international forum on investments in the mining and metallurgical industry of Iran could facilitate their familiarisation with the investment climate in Iran ... FULL TEXT

Russia pleased with Iran on Caspian Sea

MOSCOW, July 28 (Itar-Tass) -- Russia's First Vice Premier Nikolai Aksyonenko told journalists after a meeting with Iranian Minister of Metallurgy and Mines Eshak Jahangiri that he was satisfied with the first signs of rapprochement between Russia and Iran with regard to the approaches to the solution of the question about the legal status of the Caspian Sea ... FULL TEXT

Ravani-Pour's new book

Tehran, (Neshat) - Moniru Ravani-Pour's new novel "Kowli kenaar-e aatash" (Gypsy by the Fire) will be published next week ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

About "Siria, Siria"

Tehran, (Neshat) - In an inteview with Neshat, novelist Moniru Ravani-Pour talks about her other recent novel, "Siria, Siria" ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

First match

Tehran, (Iran daily) - The first round of the Asian cup winners cup matches will take place between Persepolis and Lebanon's Al-Ansar. Here's a preview ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pass hopeful

Tehran, (Neshat) - After its trainting trip in Germany, Pass looks forward to the start of the Azadehan league. Rasul Khatibi, the team's young striker, is hopeful ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Fatemi goes to Greece

Tehran, (Neshat) - National youth team striker Faraz Fatemi has given up on playing for Persepolis or Esteqlal and has headed for Greece ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Sobhani for Senate

Sohrab Sobhan is running for U.S senate in Maryland.

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An official source of information on the archaeological site of the Imperial Forums, where "Roman civilisation began and evolved throughout the centuries."

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Let's not forget, the student movement is not after a revolution, or overthrowing the government.

-- A student in Tehran
Wall Street Journal
July 28, 1999

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