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Tuesday June 1, 1999 / Khordad 11, 1378, No. 738

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Bayzaie in Berkeley
A short but sweet visit to northern California

By Nersi Ramazan-nia
June 1, 1999
The Iranian

"Bahram Bayzaie is in L.A., he can come up for the day to Berkeley. How about Sunday?"

Who could believe it, Bahram Bayzaie in Berkeley? It was to be a twelve-hour visit; arriving in the morning and back to Los Angeles at night...

Bayzaie was met at San Francisco airport by a small group of Iranian Berkeleyites. He was first taken to visit the Darvag Theater where members of the Darvag group have been preparing to stage "The 8th Voyage of Sinbad" in English. Bayzaie wrote "Hashtomin Safare Sandbad" in his twenties -- more than thirty years ago ... GO TO FEATURE


Morteza Alviri, former radical turned liberal technocrat

TEHRAN, June 1 (AFP) - Tehran's new mayor, Morteza Alviri, is a former radical revolutionary who now advocates a liberal course for the Islamic Republic, particularly in the economic sector.

Alviri, a 51-year-old electrical engineer and economist, was an active opponent of the imperial regime of the Shah overthrown in the 1979 Islamic Revolution ... FULL TEXT


He's here

Zafar Husky writes:

Riaz Ahmed Gohar-Shahi of Kotri, in Sindh province of Pakistan is said to be the awaited Imam Mahdi.

More Letters

* We are one

M.L.T writes: I am a young Jewish Iranian woman who read the "I must be a Jew" piece as well as all of the controversial follow ups. As a Los Angeles resident for fourteen years I am well aware of the tension between Iranian Jews and Iranian Muslims...

Whether Jewish or Muslim, Bahai or Christian, we are one. We should hold each other up instead of continuously trying to put the other down. We came from the same history, and we speak the same language both in words and in feelings. Only an Iranian understands what love went into a pot of steaming kalleh-paacheh. Only we can appreciate all the dimensions of, JOON... FULL TEXT

* Iran belongs to all Iranians

Siamak Namazi writes: I very quickly got over the fact that A. Gheytanch is a racist zionist, for the author is very amusing ["I must be a Jew"].

Gheytanch asserts: "For the rest of us living outside of Iran , we shoud forget about Iran and hang on to our glorious Jewish identity and culture, and above all the love and support for the state of Israel, our REAL homeland." Well, then what the hell are you doing reading The Iranian? Is The Jerusalem Post web site down? LOL!

Iran belongs to all Iranians. No matter what your enthic or religious background, this is your land. Even if you are a self-hating Iranian.

* No wonder

Asghar Tahdighi writes: No wonder Jewish people are not treated with the respect they claim to deserve. Mr. A. Gheytanch has said it all. You do not deserve to call yourself Iranian ["I must be a Jew"].

* Arts: Bookreading & jazz in Bay Area

Jazz & Gallery Ovissi is pleased to announce: A Bay Area reading of A WORLD BETWEEN Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans AND jazz music by Hafez Modirzadeh. Saturday, June 5, 7-9 PM (doors open at 6 PM) at Gallery Ovissi, 1425 Park Ave. Emeryville, CA, Tel: (510) 601-6874... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Iran (2nd Ed)
Best-selling travel guide to Iran
By Paul Greenway

    "This detailed guide finally updates the old guidebook with new information. A must for travelers to Iran. Paul Greenway's narrative and explanations are also more interesting (and quite funny in some cases) than David St. Vincent's older edition." -- A reader ...
    ... GO TO BOOK

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Saudi Prince says Iran has right to arm itself

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah defended Iran's right to arm itself for self protection and said progress in relations between his country and the Islamic republic was for the benefit the Gulf region... In a rare such defense of Iran, the crown prince said: ''Iran has every right to develop its defense capabilities for its security without harming others, We also do the same.'' ... FULL TEXT

Iran speaker says may change street name for Egypt

TEHRAN, June 1 (Reuters) - Iran's parliament speaker said on Tuesday that Iranian deputies were ready to consider renaming a Tehran street called after the assassin of an Egyptian president, if the move helped improve ties with Egypt. ``Changing the name, in principle, could be considered,'' Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri said when asked if Iran would change the name of the road called Khaled Islambouli, an Islamist who assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981 ... FULL TEXT

Iran, Norway to swap ambassadors

TEHRAN, June 1 (Reuters) - Iran and Norway have upgraded their diplomatic ties to ambassadorial level after years of tension over the Salman Rushdie affair, a source at the Norwegian embassy said on Tuesday. The source told Reuters that Svein Aass, currently number two at the Norwegian mission at the United Nations, would take up the post in Tehran at the end of summer ... FULL TEXT

Iranian activists detained in Iraqi Kurds

New York, June 1, 1999 (International Federation of Iranian Refugees) - On May 30, 1999 Habibollah Abdullahi, the International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) Erbil branch representative, and Abdullah Veissi, a member of that branch's Executive Committee, were arrested by the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) of Iraq ... FULL TEXT

Turkish action against Iranians condemned

June 1, (Iranians for International cooperation) - ... I write this letter to register my disgust over a recent border incident where Turkish military authorities have killed nine innocent Iranian civilians when crossing the border from Iran and Iraq onto Turkey to register with UNHCR ... FULL TEXT

Mahdavi-kia joins Hamburg SV

BONN, June 1 (Reuters) - Iranian international midfielder Mehdi Mahdavi-kia is joining Hamburg SV from relegated VfL Bochum, a Hamburg spokesman said on Tuesday. He said Mahdavi-kia, 21, will sign a two-year contract with the German first division club for an undisclosed fee.

Iranians arrive in Canada with offense

June 1, 1999 (Edmonton Journal) - The street urchins would dribble the ball with a flair unique to the province of Khuzestan -- the Brazil of Iran and the province where British oilworkers first introduced soccer to the country. It was there, in Khuzestan, in the city of Khoramshahr, where Ali Mousavi first toddled after a soccer ball... The national sides from Canada, Iran, Guatemala and Ecuador are here to contest the Canada Cup of Soccer ... FULL TEXT

Soccer teams go after new coaches

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The Azadegan League will start its new season in less than three months. Teams are already trying to shake up their organization and hire new coaches ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Those who have lived in Iran may say I don't know what it means to be Iranian. But why then, when I read the words of Rumi or Hafez do I feel a connection that could never come from Shakespeare?

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June 1, 1999

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