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Tuesday, March 2, 1999/ Esfand 11, 1377, No. 677

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To live or to be alive?
That is the question for Iranian women

By Laleh Khalili

A woman is not to instigate conversations. She is to dance beautifully, she is to entertain, she is to serve fruit and tea and food, but she is not to begin conversations with strange men even at a party of friends. She is the nurturer and the seductress. I fail miserably at these roles. I voice my boredom. I don't hide my intelligence or my interests. I don't dance too well. I laugh too loudly. I am more at home in "male" conversations. I know not how to flirt or seduce in this particularly complex Iranian way where you drive the man away and you call him back, where you look at him from under your eyelashes, where a turn of the shoulder and the motion of hesitant fingertips can be pregnant with meaning. I am something else, perhaps unbecomingly unfeminine, dangerous perhaps, unknowingly so ... GO TO FEATURE


Iran's municipal elections a resounding success for women

TEHRAN, March 2 (AFP) - Iranian women have put up a strong showing in the country's first ever municipal elections, a trend highlighted by the victory of reformist President Mohammad Khatami's sister.

Fatemeh Khatami told AFP Tuesday she garnered 16,000 votes, three times more than her closest rival, in the central desert town of Ardakan, the home of the Khatami family, and where the president was born.

"I considered that my age prevented me from undertaking such activities, but the people encouraged me to stand," said the 61-year-old mother of six.

"I have always worked to propagate culture and religion, but now we shall have to provide remedies for people's problems," she said ... FULL TEXT

Forwarded by Payman Arabshahi


    Shirazis vote casual

Note from an observer in Iran posted on the Gulf2000 alias:

The results of the city council elections in Shiraz are quite interesting:

a) Nine out of 11 elected are pro-Khatami technocrat-literate candidates. Of the remaining two, one is conservative and the other belongs to a famous local clerical-family (the Dastgheibs), but both of them are non-clerical and happen to be engineers.

b) While the pro-Khatami "May 23 Coalition" succeeded in getting 7 of its 11 candidates elected, none of the Kargozaran (Construction Executive) Party candidates were elected (in fact they were not even among the top 15). The "May 23 Coalition" in Shiraz comprise the Iran Islamic Participation Front Party and the Student, Physician, Engineer, and Teachers Islamic Associations.

c) The 11 elected include: 4 medical doctors, 4 engineers, 1 PhD (sociology professor), and 1 MA/MS. Two women (MD and MA/MS), and a 30-year-old student-candidate (Shiraz University Medical School Student Islamic Association member) won the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places. The first place was won by an independent (Shiraz University Medical School professor).

d) The total votes cast in the city of Shiraz amounted to 470,000.

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* Silicone

Nariman Neyshapouri writes: Dear Angylina,

Silicone parts are made for toys. Also, next time try having someone proofread what you write. Say hello to your "attourney".

* I was born in [BLANK]

Simin Habibian writes: Since [you quoted part of Angylina's biogrpahy] she has taken out the part that says she is from Tehran, Iran.

* Women: Celebrating Woman's Day in Sunnyvale

Society of Iranian Professionals in northern California is proud to honor Women's Day on March 5th, 1999. Come join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of all women of the world, and in particular Iranian women.

Program Details:

- Main speaker: Dr. Pouran Eslami, Sociologist, Anthropologist, and Archeologist University of California,Irvine. Her lecture on March 5th,1999 is entitled "Family, woman, and Shahnameh" and "Role of Women in Ghajar dynasty" ... MORE INFORMATION

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Designed for a general audience, this biography of Zoroastrianism's prophet is sure to generate interest in the early religion of Persia from which Judaism and Christianity drew so much. -- Publisher's Weekly

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Hard-liner threatens to nullify votes in Iran's local elections

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Allies of Iran's moderate president triumphed in local elections in the capital and prevented hard-liners winning a single race, according to preliminary results Monday. The tally from Friday's voting for thousands of municipal council seats elsewhere in Iran may not be counted for several days. The hard-line chairman of the electoral supervision board vowed to challenge the results from Tehran ... FULL TEXT

Latest vote count in Tehran

Tehran, March 2, (IRNA) - Reformist candidates are still leading in the latest vote count in Tehran. The final results are not due until Friday. Here's a list of the top 21 vote getters ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

''Star Chamber'' arrest hits Iran reformers

TEHRAN, March 2 (Reuters) - Just as Iran's first nationwide local polls appeared to cement the power of President Mohammad Khatami and his reformist allies, hardliners have struck back by jailing one of the country's leading liberal Islamic thinkers. The detention at the weekend of Mohsen Kadivar by the Special Court for the Clergy, which meets behind closed doors and without due process, has touched off a storm of criticism and demands for the abolition of the court as an undemocratic holdover of a bygone era ... FULL TEXT

U.S. to review Iran-Europe oil deal

WASHINGTON, March 2 (Reuters) - The United States said on Tuesday it will review a new $1 billion Iran-Europe oil deal for violations of U.S. sanctions law but the possibility of penalties that could sour trans-Atlantic ties seemed remote. Nevertheless, State Department spokesman James Foley noted that Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, discussing last year's decision to waive sanctions on a $2 billion deal involving France's Total SA and two other firms, promised more waivers for European Union companies so long as the EU cooperated with Washington on Iran policy ... FULL TEXT

U.S. senators call for allowing wheat exports to Iran

WASHINGTON, March 2 (AFP) - A group of US senators is calling for lifting restrictions on exports of wheat and other agricultural products to Iran. Byron Dorgan, a Democrat from North Dakota, and Republicans Larry Craig of Idaho and Richard Lugar of Indiana, met Monday with national security adviser Sandy Berger to discuss the matter, spokesmen for the lawmakers said ... FULL TEXT

Gulf Arabs call emergency meeting on Iran dispute

ABU DHABI, March 2 (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates on Tuesday called an emergency meeting with its Gulf Arab allies to discuss Iranian military exercises near three disputed islands. ``The UAE called for an emergency meeting of the ministerial council of the Gulf Cooperation Council to discuss Iran's violations and the military manoeuvres in the UAE's territorial waters,'' the official WAM news agency said ... FULL TEXT

The Pear Tree

Tehran, March 2, (IRNA) - An interesting review of Daryush Mehrjuie's latest film, "The Pear Tree" ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

Khatibi off to Kuwait

Tehran, March 2, (IRNA) - Iranian national team forward Hossein Khatibi has signed a contract to play with a Kuwaiti team ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

Asian tabble tennis stars in Kish

Tehran, March 2, (IRNA) - Asia's top table tennis players faced off in a tournament in Kish Island ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT


Program on Iranian girl soccer players

Mehrdad Masoudi writes: This is an dvisory regarding Futbol Mundial's piece on young Iranian girls playing football. Please take note of the following:

Futbol Mundial North America: Fox Sports World Repeat shows: Wednesday, March 3 (16:00 EST) and Friday, March 5 (13:00 EST)

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Magnificnet living

I often wonder if this young generation of fatalistic women who have to create multiple personalities for themselves merely to cope with and within the various social spheres, know of the long-dead poet Forugh Farrokhzad, and what they think of her; this woman who chose to leave her husband and child behind, became a "loose woman", chose a married man for a lover, wrote her dazzling potent poetry, made her exquisite films, abused every norm and broke every taboo, to surpass being alive, in order to wholly, magnificently live.

Laleh Khalili
"To live or to be alive"
The Iranian
March 2, 1999

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