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Persian on the Inca Trail
From Persepolis to Machu Picchu

By Ali Hosseini

"from air to air, like an empty net,
dredging through streets and ambient atmosphere, I came"

- Pablo Neruda

I won't say I am the first Persian to walk the Inca Trail but I do believe I am one of the few. Machu Picchu is a travel destination at an international level and a goal of the young and fit, and some not so young and fit, is to walk the ancient stone trail that wends through the Peruvian Andes and leads finally to the lost Incan city. About my companions on the trek, I could say the less said the better, but then I wouldn't have a very long story, would I? First there were the Greeks. She thought she was Cleopatra and walked around Machu Picchu holding her large orange scarf up to the wind. He was young and tall and after the first day arranged to have one of the porters carry their pack. Then there were two young men from Holland whom we told apart by the color of their jeans. There was a group of young Americans of whom more later. And finally a couple from Italy who must be thought lucky to have understood so little English. Our guide, four porters, and the cook completed the group ... GO TO FEATURE

Iranian of the Year

Good feeling
"Gave me a reason to be proud again"

The following are comments in favor of the Iranian national team as the Iranians of the year. Collectively they received the third largest share of the people's vote (12 percent) in The Iranian survey. Each comment is from a different person. Names have been withheld for reasons of privacy ... GO TO FEATURE


Signs that spring is here

By Katie Thomas and Victor Chen.
Newsday, New York
March 21, 1999

Here are the conventional signs of spring: red-breasted robins, daffodil shoots, fresh-cut grass and white patent leather shoes.

But for many Long Islanders, the new season is marked by different harbingers. For the Iranian community, the vernal equinox - at 8:46 p.m. yesterday - commenced the Iranian New Year, Now-Ruz. For charter boat captains, yesterday's opening of the flounder season marked the seasons' change. And animal shelter workers know warmer days are afoot when they are inundated with kittens and puppies, which proliferate around this time ... FULL TEXT


First of all, are you logical?


My name is Bahman, born in Shiraz, graduated from Aryamer Industrial University in Iran and obtained my MS degree from Ohio State University in the area of computer technology. I am looking for a single woman who is logical, educated, reasonably attractive and to be around 40 years of age. I am interested to know the person before getting married. I look forward to hear from individuals who like to communicate with me regarding this matter.

Let me know either by phone or via email. Thanks.


Phone: 949-454-8006

More Letters

* Very peculiar

Amir Sadri writes: I read all of the comments you have published several times ["Iranian of the Year"]. You claim people have sent the comments in about President Mohammad Khatami being elected Iranian of the year.

I find these comments to be very peculiar. There is very little variance in writing style or content in these writings. Also, they all project a very well known political and ideological bend! ... FULL TEXT

* Overglorification

Khodadad Rezakhani writes: I read the very interesting comments that people left when voting for President Khatami as the Iranian of the Year. I agree with most of them, but at the same time, they have a major problem. I don't mean all, but a great many of the comments are unneccessary praises. We have a bad habit of elevating a fellow to the heavens, and then dropping him!... FULL TEXT


* Conference: Iranian-Americans: Who Are We Becoming?

A Dialogue Convened by the Iranian-American Cultural Association on Saturday, 17 April 199, 2:00 pm-6:00 pm, at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. ... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

Ancient Persia
From 550 Bc to 650 Ad
By Josef Wiesehofer

Josef Wiesehofer, one of the most respected scholars of the ancient world, provides here a comprehensive survey of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenids, the Parthians and the Sasanians. By focusing on the indigenous sources - written, archaeological and numismatic evidence from Persia - he avoids the traditional Western approach which has tended to rely so heavily on foreign and sometimes prejudiced Greek or Roman sources. Part of the freshness of this book comes from its presentation of a historical discussion of pre-Islamic Persia from a Near Eastern perspective.

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Khamenei criticizes New Year celebrations

TEHRAN, March 23 (AFP) - Iran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has criticized certain aspects of celebrations of the Iranian new year and said allowing people to observe a popular spring festival was a mistake. Khamenei, in remarks reported by Iranian radio, said the Festival of Fire, in which people jump over bonfires and set off firecrackers, is a "superstitious festival of which Islam does not approve." ... FULL TEXT

Russia eyes cooperation with Iran after NATO Kosovo strike: agency

MOSCOW, March 24 (AFP) - The Russian ministries of defence and foreign affairs are preparing proposals for President Boris Yeltsin under which Moscow could review its cooperation with Iran, arm Belgrade and replace nuclear weapons in Belarus, ITAR-TASS reported Wednesday. Under the proposals yet to be put to Yeltsin, Russia "seriously envisages" the possibility of abandoning its accords with the United States on deliveries of arms and military materiel to Iran in the case of NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia, the agency said without quoting sources ... FULL TEXT

Iran's minister says satisfied with OPEC oil cuts

TEHRAN, March 24 (Reuters) - Iran's oil minister said in remarks published on Wednesday he was satisfied with an OPEC agreement to cut crude production in order to stabilise prices. Bijan Namdar Zanganeh spoke to Iran's official news agency IRNA a day earlier saying the deal by OPEC and non-OPEC countries to cut 2.1 million barrels per day (bpd) proved the cartel was able to overcome a crisis in the oil market ... FULL TEXT

Iranians remember pilgrims killed in Mecca in 1987

TEHRAN, March 24 (Reuters) - Iranian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia held a memorial service for Iranians killed in clashes with Saudi police in 1987 during an Iranian-led political rally, Iran's official news agency IRNA reported on Wednesday. The ceremony was held in the holy city of Mecca on Tuesday and was attended by a number of Iranian officials, including Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri, who heads Iranian pilgrims to Mecca each year, it said ... FULL TEXT

Mecca hears cries of "Death to America" ahead of Iranian rally

MECCA, Saudi Arabia, March 24 (AFP) - Cries of "Death to America" rang out in Islam's holiest city of Mecca as pilgrims held a protest in defiance of a Saudi ban, an Iranian official said Wednesday. Iran, meanwhile, announced it would hold its own anti-US rally on Friday but not in Mecca itself ... FULL TEXT

Thirty children die in truck crash in southeastern Iran

TEHRAN, March 23 (AFP) - Thirty children were killed and another 30 injured when a truck transporting them plunged into a ravine in southwestern Iran, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday. The victims, aged between 12 and 15, were on their way home from a Koran recitation competition Monday when the accident occurred on a mountainous road in Khuzestan province ... FULL TEXT

Par Online

Noruz banned in Turkey

The Turkish government has banned Noruz in its onging suppression of Kurds cultural expression ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Ahmad Rezaie in DC

Ahmad Rezaie, the son of the former commander of the Revolutionary Guards, has left Costa Rica, where he was staying with industrialist Hozhabr Yazdani and is residing in a suburb of Washington DC... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Proud again

Gave me a reason to be proud again for being an Iranian !!!!!!!!!
And for providing me with the best summer of my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment in favor of the national soccer team as the Iranians of the year
"Good feeling"
The Iranian
March 24, 1999

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