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Tuesday May 4, 1999 / Ordibehesht 14, 1378, No. 718


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Turkish coffee is good. But not that good
Cheated in Istanbul, snubbed by Visa

By Majid Tehranian
May 4, 1999
The Iranian

In every major tourist city around the world, there are numerous traps waiting for the innocent tourists to fall into. That is partly the cost of world travel. However, when major financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch and Visa International, knowingly participate in the fraud, the issue is a cause for alarm.

I have been a loyal customer of Merrill Lynch Cash Management Account for the past 20 years. I have never contested a single visa charge. But on March 1, 1999, I was defrauded of about $4000 for the price of a beer and a cup of coffee in Istanbul. I had no choice but to contest this outrage ... GO TO FEATURE


Karrubi calls for rapprochement with US

TEHRAN, May 4 (AFP) - Former parliamentary speaker and longtime anti-Western firebrand, Hojatoleslam Mehdi Karrubi, has called on the Iranian government to adopt a policy of detente towards the United States, the Tehran press reported Tuesday.

"The best way of re-establishing ties with the United States is through detente," Karrubi told a student meeting.

"The question of re-establishing relations is not new, but it has come up more and more frequently since the death of Imam Khomeini (in June 1989)," the leading radical said ... FULL TEXT


Emailing girlfriends from Iran

hi whoever reads this i`m about to enter iran. with a friend i am cycling from switzerland to india and we stay in contact with our (girl)friends via email. i was wondering if there were any internet cafes or other possibilities to get on the net in iran. maybe you can help me. we are travelling from turkey to tabriz, then along the caspian sea cost into turkmenistan. if you could give me any information, i`d be grateful. we`re already in erzerum (turkey), 4 days from the iranian border. thank`s a lot.

mario müller

More Letters

* Hymen reconstruction

Hossein Samiei writes: Mr. Raafat's obsession with female virginity ["Real Iranian girls?"] is not only irritatingly uncool and medieval, but is also surprisingly naive for a self-proclaimed playboy. Precisely because of customers like him, reconstructing hymen has become a common occurrence and a profitable business for doctors in Iran ... FULL TEXT

* Are you out of your mind?

Yazdaneh Amiryazdani writes: Congrats [to Mr. Raafat] for meeting 23 girls during only 35 days in Iran ["Real Iranian girls?"]. All they had to do to impress you was talking to you in English and "really" wanting to know you. I wonder if what you really need is just some attention, which you haven't gotten from Iranian-American girls ... FULL TEXT

* I disagree

Shahbaz Shahbazi writes: To adopt a different style, I disagree with Mr. Banaei ["Why so blatantly biased"] for the following reasons: Banaei levels accusations and offers critiques of Iranian writers while failing to acknowledge that in general viewpoints reflect a bias. His admonition of the contributors to The Iranian is quite humorous given his "bias". Furthermore, by criticizing the writings of Laleh Khalili and Shalizeh Nadjmi, he trivializes the legitimate concerns and voices of Iranian women ... FULL TEXT

* Art: Center for Iranian Modern Arts, New York

Center for Iranian Modern Arts (CIMA) has opened in New York City with works by Siah Armajani, Monir Farmanfarmaian and more (through May 28). Address: CIMA, 24 East 20th Street, Fl 4, (Between Broadway and Park Ave S), New York, NY, tel: (212) 475-1287.

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    The Hand of Poetry
    Five Mystic Poets of Persia : Translations from the Poems of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz

    In 13th century Persia, spiritual teaching was given in the guise of poetry. From this vast treasury, Coleman Barks has selected a broad assortment of poems form the works of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi, and Hafiz. These are combined with the lectures originally given by Inayat Khan in San Fransisco during 1923, which discuss the signifigance of the poets for our lives. The book is quite possibly the best anthology of Persian Sufi Poets currently available ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Hard-Liners losing battle

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates. Tuesday, May 4, (AP) -- The hard-line clergy that has wielded absolute power in Iran for 20 years is losing a power struggle against reformists fighting for greater democracy. The hard-liners have suffered a string of crushing defeats against supporters of moderate President Mohammad Khatami, a middle-ranking cleric who was elected two years ago. But nearly all their efforts to stall his reforms have backfired ... FULL TEXT

Mohajerani: Policies will not change, "Zan" should publish

Tehran, may 5, irna -- islamic guidance (ershad) minister ataollah mohajerani said in a press conference: "as i said during the sessions of my impeachment our policies will remain the same ... and we must make an effort to make sure that the persian daily 'zan' is allowed to continue to publish..." ... FULL TEXT

Iranian president of Qwest Communications

The Denver Post, May 4 - A two-month search for a new president of Qwest Communications has ended. Qwest's find, an Iranian-born, California-reared, 36-year-old telecom wunderkind, says he aims to help the Denver company revolutionize communication. Mohebbi comes to Qwest from British Telecommunications, where he heads the United Kingdom markets division, an $18 billion business unit that serves 20 million residential customers ... FULL TEXT

Iran cuts funds to industry by 80 percent

TEHRAN, May 4 (Reuters) - Iran, hit by low oil income, cut state hard currency allocations to industries by 80 percent in the year to March, a senior official said in remarks published on Tuesday. Deputy Industry Minister Hossein Naji said the Central Bank reduced foreign exchange allocations to industries from an annual average of $4.5 billion to just $900 million in the Iranian year that ended on March 20, the daily Abrar-e Eqtesadi reported ... FULL TEXT

Persepolis #1

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Persepolis (aka Piruzi) has become the Azadegan League champion ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran mends gulf ties but limits remain

TEHRAN, May 4 (Reuters)- A recent stream of senior Gulf Arab visitors to Tehran has highlighted Iran's achievements in repairing ties with its neighbours across the strategic waterway after years of suspicion and tension. But most Iranian political analysts believe warming relations, largely the result of a charm offensive by Iran's President Mohammad Khatami, have limits ... FULL TEXT

Irans starts producing local-design helicopters

TEHRAN, May 4 (Reuters) - Iran on Tuesday launched a production line for locally designed helicopters for both military and civilian purposes, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported. It said Defence Minister Vice-Admiral Ali Shamkhani opened the military plant which would produce Shabaviz (Owl) 75 and Shabaviz 2061 helicopters ... FULL TEXT

Iran issues new South Pars gas field tender

DUBAI, May 4 (Reuters) - Iran on Tuesday issued a tender for foreign energy companies to develop phases six, seven and eight of the giant South Pars offshore gas field under one of the country's so-called buy-back investment programmes. A copy of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) tender document faxed to Reuters invited international oil firms with ``technical competence, financial ability and professional skills'' interested in the project to collect tender documents from April 24 ... FULL TEXT

$ Rate

Updated May 3

The dollar now offered at 790-812 tomans in the U.S. and 816 tomans in Iran

Source: Sehaty Exchange (U.S.) Tel: 602-595-0777

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The Imam [Khomeini] thought that relations between Iran and the United States were similar to those between a sheep and a wolf. But today, although the United States may still be a wolf, Iran has turned into a lion.

Hojatoleslam Mehdi Karrubi
"Former anti-Western firebrand calls for Iranian rapprochement with US"
May 4, 1999

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