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    Jen Nameh
    A novel by Hooshang Golshiri

    May 12, 1999
    The Iranian

    If you could count five of Iran's very best contemporary novelists, Hooshang Golshiri would be one of them. But his fame comes at a cost. It means the censors review his works more carefully.

    This time Golshiri has skipped the whole official pre-publication review process and chosen to print his novel abroad. "Jen Nameh" (Book of Jinns) has been published by Baran Publishers in Sweden (Tel: 46-8-471-9271) ... GO TO FEATURE


Iran women MPs back Turkish colleague in scarf row

TEHRAN, May 12 (Reuters) - Women deputies in Iran have voiced support for a Turkish MP who prompted a row in neighbouring Turkey by entering parliament wearing a Moslem headscarf, Iranian media reported on Wednesday.

``Do not feel alone. Hundreds of millions of noble Moslem women across the world support you and anxiously follow the news about you,'' moderate MP Faezeh Hashemi told Turkish woman deputy Merve Kavakci in a letter, quoted by the daily Entekhab ... FULL TEXT


"She Zone" shopping mall

ABU DHABI, May 11 (AFP) -A shopping mall for women only, staffed exclusively by female shop assistants and security guards is set to open in the Gulf emirate of Abu Dhabi, the developers announced Tuesday.

"We carried out market research and found that women, especially in the Emirates, would feel more comfortable in malls reserved for them," said a spokesman for Marklink Property Management.

Boys up to 10 will be allowed to accompany their mothers in the four-storey mall, with its 40 stores as well as coffee shops, an Internet cafe, hairdressing salon, cinema, theatre and a children's party centre.

The mall, to be called "She Zone", is part of a larger project to set up 13 women-only centres around the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at a total cost of 108 million dollars. Its exact opening date has yet to be announced.

Thanks to Laleh Khalili

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* Mind of a lunatic

Nima "John" Sharifi writes: "Midget" is a very good story. Very well written and very descriptive. I really saw inside the mind of this lunatic. Again, well done.

* Unmarriageable girls

A.T. writes: I read Mr. Erfani and Ms. Elmi's responses to Cyrus Raafat's "Real Iranian girls?". Ms. Elmi's response is the typical response one could expect from a feminist/ghaatipaati Iranian girl. She says she felt sad for Mr. Raafat, while she'd better feel sad for her species.

These unmarriageable girls are not only robbed of the happiness their mothers and grandmothers once enjoyed in Iran, but neither do they quite fit with the American way of life.

I believe among them, the ones who can live with an American guy, no matter how unsatisfied, are the happiest. By marrying an Iranian man they just drive him nuts in a matter of months, as I myself have witnessed.

* Lecture: Farzaneh Milani, Maryland

By invitation of the Iranian American Cultural Society of Maryland, Dr. Farzaneh Milani- writer, poet, professor of Persian Study from the University of Virginia- talks about "From the Mirror of Venus to Weapons of Mars: Modernity and Mobility in Contemporary Iranian Women's Poetry." Following the lecture there will be a reception featuring tea, coffee, cookies and an opportunity to share ideas with other guests.

Where: Room 264, Smith Hall, Towson University, Maryland. When: 4:00-6:00 PM Sunday, May 16,1999. Language: Persian . Free Admission. Telephone: (410)720-4507 ... MORE INFORMATION

Book of the Week

    The Greco-Persian Wars
    By Peter Xerxes at Salamis Green

    The long and bitter struggle between the great Persian empire and the fledgling Greek states reached its high point with the extraordinary Greek victory at Salamis in 480 B.C. The astonishing sea battle banished forever the specter of Persian invasion and occupation. In this account, Green brilliantly retells this historic moment, evoking the whole dramatic sweep of events that the Persian offensive set into motion. 15 illustrations. 12 maps ... GO TO BOOK

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Opposition figures pledge to expose former minister's murderers

May 11, 1999 (Neshat) - Three hundred and twenty five political and cultural personalities have issued a statement marking the passage of 170 days since the murder of [former labour minister] Daryush and [his wife] Parvaneh Foruhar. The statement, in part, says: "Like-minded people of this land, once again, raise their cry for justice against the ill-tempered cowards, whose criminal deed has bereaved the Iranian nation. We are impatiently waiting for the open trial of those who directed, planned and perpetrated these horrific crimes." ... FULL TEXT

Two political prisoners executed - group

May 11, (ORWI) - Two political prisoners were executed last week after years of imprisonment, the Democratic Party of Kurdistan reported ... FULL TEXT

Former Tehran mayor shares prison cell with 200 inmates: paper

TEHRAN, May 12 (AFP) - Former Tehran mayor Gholamhossein Karbaschi, jailed last week for corruption, is sharing a prison cell with some 200 inmates, an Iranian newspaper reported Wednesday. "Karbaschi is kept in a big prison cell in Evin prison (in northern Tehran) with some 200 inmates whose inability to pay back debts to their creditors brought them to prison," the government paper Iran said ... FULL TEXT

U.S. senator urges simple rules for Iran sales

WASHINGTON, May 11 (Reuters) - A senior U.S. senator urged the Clinton administration on Tuesday to make its new rules for food and medicine sales to Iran as simple as possible ... FULL TEXT

Syria, Iran summit to improve Tehran's Arab ties

DAMASCUS, May 12 (Reuters) - Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will strengthen bilateral ties and pave the way for better Iranian-Arab relations in talks starting here on Thursday, a senior official said on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Oil down as stubborn stockpile raises concern

LONDON, May 12 (Reuters) - Oil prices spiralled lower again on Wednesday following a sharp reminder that producers still have plenty to do to wipe out large petroleum stockpiles in the West. London futures for benchmark June Brent blend closed 39 cents lower at $15.57 per barrel after slumping 48 cents on Tuesday. Oil had peaked at $17.10 last week ... FULL TEXT

Iranica auction yields $1.4 million

Washington, DC, May 7, 1999, (Iran Times) - London, A collection of Persian art and books collected over a third of a century by Professor Ehsan Yarshater was auctioned off at Christie's in London last month and brought in almost $1.4 million. Dr. Yarshater is the founding editor of the Encyclopedia Iranica. He contributed his personal art collection to the auction to underwrite the continuing publication of the encyclopedia ... FULL TEXT

Soccer briefs

Tehran, (Neshat) -- Hejazi: "I'll speak later"; Pourheydari not interested in replacing Hejazi; Rezaie-Manesh gets offers in Singapore; national team gets more invitations ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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