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Wednesday November 10, 1999 / Aban 19, 1378, No. 845

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The soft side
Poems of Ayatollah Khomeini

November 10, 1999
The Iranian

Selected poems from Divan-e Imam (Tehran, 1998), the collected works of Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini: ... GO TO FEATURE


Revolution on trial

Khordad publisher Abdollah Nouri's defends himself in court. Full report (PDF file) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Head scratcher

An indonesian writes to The Iranian:

Dear brother,

We, activists of pro-democracy movement in Indonesia, need some photoes of Ayatollah Khomeini for our documentation. It's important for our journal. We Need also the picture of Reza Pahlevi and his family. For Ayatollah Khomeini, we especially need photo of him in front of his masses. Oh yeah, also photo about Ali Shariati. Thank you very much for your attention.

With greettings,

Frans FP

More Letters

* Bravo

Bahram writes: Thank you for giving us the occasion of reading this beautiful article [about visiting the Shah's tomb, "By the pale-green stone"]. Thank you to Mr. Kadivar for sharing his wonderful trip with us. I wish the young post-Islamic generation would read this little "trip to the past" especially those in Iran. Bravo, and thanks again.

* So far in the past

Reza Mousoli writes: It is like yesterday to many of us the day that the American embassy was taken. I was studying in a small town in Kent, England when a friend of mine who was a leftist sympathizer stormed to the cafeteria of the college with a big smile and waving a clinched fist to announce that the U.S. embassy had been stormed by a group of students!

There were many Iranian students everywhere in those days including in Kent. Of course we looked with amazement at this friend and all had a sneaky sense of triumph without fully understanding the full implication of this act.

Today all those events seem so far in the past in our eyes and in the eyes of Mr. Abdi, one of the hostage takers and Bruce Laingen one of the hostages ["Time to move on"]. In the political climate of Iran, it is very brave of Abdi and others to offer their regret for this act.

As one commentator said yesterday in reply to the question "what will happen if the American embassy opens tomorrow in Tehran?", the reply was " a long line will be formed for visa applications to the U.S.!" I think this sums up the true sentiment of the Iranian people.

* Rights: Human rights in Iran, Washington DC

The Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran will hold a conference in Washington DC on the topic of human rights. Speakers: 1) Dr. Abdolkarim Lahidji (President of the League for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran), 2) Hassan Shariatmadari (member of the central council of National Republicans of Iran). Time: 2:00p.m. Saturday November 13. Place: Marvin Center at George Washington University Ball Room, 3rd Floor. Address: 21st and 'H' Street NW, Washington DC.


Books of the Week

* Ruzegaran (1999)
History of Iran up to the Pahlavi dynasty
By Abdol-Hossein Zarrinkoub

* Zanaan haramsaraa-ye Nasserdin Shah (1998)
Pictorial history
By Khosro Motazed and Abolghasem Tafazoli

* Baagh (1998)
Short stories
By Parviz Davaie

* Qand va namak (1998)
Tehrani proverbs
By Jafar Shahri

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Video of the Week

Divorce Iranian Style

A new documentary that goes where Western camera s have never before gone: into an Iranian divorce court. The film is directed by award- winning independent filmmaker Kim Longinotto and Ziba Mir-Hosseini, an Iranian anthropologist and writer, based in London, whose specialty is women's rights and family law in the Mid-East.

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More news

Hardline Iranian court ends hearings, Nouri defiant

TEHRAN, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Iran's hardline Special Court for Clergy on Wednesday wound up hearings in the trial of leading reformist cleric Abdollah Nouri, charged with political and religious dissent. The court gave Nouri, a former vice-president, eight days to submit his final written defence. A verdict from the panel of conservative clerics is due within a week after that. Nouri has already predicted he will be convicted ... FULL TEXT

Iran to allow citizens to sue foreign governments

TEHRAN, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Parliament on Tuesday passed a law allowing Iranians to sue foreign governments for damages in local courts, a move seen aimed primarily at the United States. The law allows Iran's courts to hear suits on ``any act by foreign governments violating international law'' if it leads to the death or injury of an Iranian citizen or financial losses ... FULL TEXT

Conservative press slams supporters of Tehran-Washington ties

TEHRAN, Nov 10 (AFP) - Iran's conservative press Wednesday slammed reformers for supporting a spirit of dialogue with the United States, following Washington's renewal of economic sanctions against Tehran. "The renewal of sanctions against Iran by President Bill Clinton on Monday once more confirmed that the US leaders are not straightforward, they say something and do something else," the conservative Tehran Times paper said ... FULL TEXT

Norway to send business delegation to Iran

OSLO, Nov 10 (AFP) - A Norwegian government-led delegation will visit Iran on November 19 to explore business opportunities there, Norwegian press agency NTB reported Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Iran eyes Thai gas fields

BANGKOK, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Thailand said Wednesday that Iran was considering a significant investment in its offshore gas fields ... FULL TEXT

ZaZa's latest success

November 10, 1999 (THE IRANIAN) - The logo music to KCSM, the new PBS TV station in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been composed by the Iranian-American artist ZaZa. The logo will run for the next two years ... FULL TEXT

Remembering Ale Ahmad

Tehran (Iran daily) - A conference will be held in Tehran tomorrow to commemorate the late author Jalal Ale Ahmad. His friends and other scholars will present their papers and there will be special exhibits as well ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

At least 54 arrested after football riot in southern Iran: report

TEHRAN, Nov 10 (AFP) - At least 54 people were arrested following clashes between fans of rival soccer teams at a match in the southern city of Shiraz earlier this week, the Kayhan paper reported Wednesday... FULL TEXT

What the hell went wrong?

Tehran (Iran daily) - Esteqlal v. Fajr Siasi: More on the causes of one of the worst incidents in Iranian soccer history and what can be done to prevent such incidents ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Off to Bangkok

Tehran (Azr-e Azadegan) - Javad Zarrincheh and Hamid Estili are off to Bangkok to take part in the all-Asia match this weekend ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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You cannot enforce the hejab with clubs and batons.

-- Absollah Nouri, Khordad Publisher
November 10, 1999

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