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Tuesday October 12, 1999 / Mehr 20, 1378, No. 826

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Anyone going back home?
On paper, I am a resident of Iran

By Hamid Rafi
October 12, 1999
The Iranian

I have seen it all. The other day I was given a window office at work with a view of Long Beach airport. I think I stared out the window for at least a couple of hours. It felt good. I looked at the planes taking off one after another. Is anyone going back home?

Fourteen years have past and I have been staring and staring out different windows. Am I ready to spend my 15th year abroad? Should I celebrate or make it sound like a tragedy? I have been a foreigner for all these years. My passport says I am a resident of Iran. Resident on paper ... GO TO FEATURE


Of fate and maman joon
This is very mo-hem, midoony?

By Hamid Tagahvi
October 12, 1999
The Iranian

Today, maybe, a new poem I shall write
a new poem, which will help me
in my quest to self-aggrandize
with lots of big words
pompous big words, a "plethora" of them
which will force all readers
including those with English PhD's
to rush dizzily to dictionaries ... GO TO FEATURE


Iran and pop culture

National Public Radio (U.S.)
Weekend All Things Considered
October 9, 1999

In the area of culture, Iranian reformers are making noticeable strides. President Khatami once served as Iran's culture minister before he was fired for being too liberal. Since he took office, artists of all types say culture in Iran has flourished.

NPR's Jennifer Ludden reports from Tehran. (RealAudio) ... LISTEN HERE


Miss Stockholm

Mariam Massoudi has been bestowed the honor of Miss Stockholm. She game an interview to Sweden's Radio Rangarang (after some background info and diling diling, the actual interview begins 9 minutes and 5 seconds) ... LISTEN HERE

Thanks to Farhad Sepahbody

More Letters

* Right and wrong

Arash Salardini writes: The Iranian letter's section, which I stumbled upon serendipously not long ago, is one of the most interesting discussion fora with regards to Iran. I read Mr Khachaturian's nostalgic words which were unpretentious yet lyrical, like one of the symphonies of his composer namesake. I also read dAyi Hamid's confused confabulations ["Persian work ethics"]. One can not take the man seriously after seeing his picture and many have eloquently and strongly rebuked him. However I like to write a few words in support as well as refutation of dAyi Hamid ...

Although I object to Hamid's tone he raises some points that we all know to be true. Zerangi is a badge of honour amongst Iranians. This is due to our history. Since the fall of the Safavids and the attack of Ashraf-i Afghan, the instability inherent in the Iranian life and politics has been a hinderance to the establishment of any semblance of a meritocracy. People rarely innovated to get ahead. Instead they merely redistributed the existing wealth by devious or violent means. No legal protection meant that long term investment was a folly and the surest way to wealth was dishonesty. So three atitudes developed in the Iranian psyche that still persist but I see them disappearing in my generation ... FULL TEXT

* My old neighborhood

Mehran Jazayeri-Moghaddas writes: I can picture all the places xAle has talked about ["Yakhie"]. I'm from Ahvaz too.

Although my times are a bit more recent than hers, I can remember her neighborhood as well as Falakeye Raah Aahan, Beeseem housing complex, Doctor Hooshyaar elementary (all boys), Karim-Faatemee high school, Omeed elementary (all girls, and maybe xAle went to that school?! like my older sister...), Pepsi Cola bottling company and a lot more around that neighborhood. Maybe xAle remembers my dad's pharmacy on the corner of Seeroos and Sa'di streets (Daarookhaaneye Paastor Noe).

Anyway her article borught back a lot good memories since I went to school around her old neighborhood. xAle is one of few people on the net that I can totally relate to. Thanks for bringing back some of my Ahvaz memories. My best to xAle.

* Enough feminist jargon

Bijan Shahrokhpour writes: I have followed the train of thought and argument of the articles regarding relationships in this magazine since it first started and am one of the original readers of it.

The extensive criticism of Mr.Raafat's article ["Real Iranian girls?"] is appalling to be honest! It is completely hypocritical for Smith and Khalili and all the rest to feel carte blanche to demoralize or justify censoring his opinion and first hand experience simply because they don't agree with his idea!? Frankly their attempt to deride and ridicule him or people with different ideas than their's like his is completely insensitive and not worthy of much attention by this magazine! This is reverse-chauvanism by women if anything at all!

I think we already get our over saturation of feminist jargon from the mainstream media and to censor someone in perhaps the only outlet he may have is completely unfair! ... FULL TEXT

* Literature: Golshiri in London

Novelist Houshang Golshiri will hold a talk in London this Friday 15th October (6:30 pm). Address: Lecture Theatre, Westminister University, 115 Cavendish St. London W1.


Books of the Week

* Parishaadokht-e she'r (1998)
A tribute to Forough Farrokhzad
By M. Azad

* Jaa-ye khaali-ye solouch (1998)
A novel
By Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

* Aashofteh-haalaan-e bidaar bakht (1998)
A novel
By Gholamhossein Saedi

* Mossadegh: Saal-haaye mobaarezeh va moqaavemat, Vol 1 & 2 (1997)
A detailed account of Mossadegh's political struggles
By Gholamreza Nejati

* Daastaan-haaye masnavi (1995)
Stories from Rumi's Masnawi
By Yazdanbakhsh Qahraman

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Video of the Week

Beh yaad-e Iran

These 2 VHS tapes are the most recent tapes about Iran. They are 2 hours in length and each tape contains rare video clips from inside Iranian cities. Over the years we have offered several videos about Iran, but these two tapes are by far the best we have ever had. We are certain you and your family and friends will enjoy these two tapes in its entirety.

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More news

Top Iran reformer says dissent charges 'illegal'

TEHRAN, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Leading Iranian reformist Abdollah Nouri has denounced his indictment by a Special Court for Clergy on charges of religious and political dissent as ``illegal.'' His condemnation of the court raises the stakes in a struggle between the conservative establishment and moderates backing President Mohammad Khatami ... FULL TEXT

Second suspect in Iran dissident murders kills himself in jail: press

TEHRAN, Oct 12 (AFP) - A second suspect in a wave of murders of dissidents here last year has committed suicide in prison, the reformist Azad daily reported Tuesday. The death of Akbar Khosh-Kush, one of 27 people being prosecuted for the murders, has not been confirmed by the authorities, the paper stressed ... FULL TEXT

Embattled reformers call for press law delay

TEHRAN, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Twelve Iranian reformist groups have called on parliament to postpone debate for six months on proposed new restrictions on the press, newspapers reported on Saturday ... FULL TEXT

Iran jails female editor for first time ever

TEHRAN, Oct 11 (AFP) - Iran has jailed a female newspaper editor for the first time ever after her weekly published "outrageous" stories that offended public morality, the official IRNA news agency said Monday. Jaleh Oskui, head of the Penj-Shanbeh-ha (Thursdays) weekly, was arrested Sunday after the paper's repeated publication of "outrageous" articles that "offended public morality and decency," the news agency said ... FULL TEXT

US human rights group calls for press freedom in Iran

NICOSIA, Oct 12 (AFP) - Newspapers and journalists in Iran are under attack, and the government should protect press freedom by enshrining it in law, a prominent US human rights group said Tuesday. "Independent newspaper editors, publishers and journalists ... are suffering arbitrary detention, assault and prosecution," said a report issued by Human Rights Watch ... FULL TEXT

Iran following Pakistan crisis with concern

TEHRAN, Oct 12 (AFP) - Iran said Tuesday it was following developments in neighbouring Pakistan with concern after the removal of prime minister Nawaz Sharif by the army ... FULL TEXT

Greek president arrives in Tehran

TEHRAN, Oct 12 (AFP) - Greek President Kostis Stephanopoulos began a three-day visit to Iran Tuesday with a call for closer cooperation between the two countries. Stephanopoulos is only the second head of state of an EU country to make an official visit to Iran since the Islamic revolution of 1979, following the ground-breaking trip by Austria's Thomas Klestil last month ... FULL TEXT

Tehran Times management back accused bosss

TEHRAN, Oct 12 (AFP) - The management of Iran's English-language daily Tehran Times gave public support Tuesday to the paper's managing director Abbas Salimi Namin ahead of his appearance before the country's press court. The backing came in a report by the newspaper of Namin's summons in connection with recent articles in the daily, which is close to Iran's conservative establishment ... FULL TEXT

Wine feud threat to Khatami's French visit solved

PARIS, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Wine-loving France and tea- totalling Iran have skirted around the delicate issue of drinks at a banquet if President Mohammad Khatami visits by agreeing there will be no dinner given in his honour at all ... FULL TEXT

France sees blocks to candid Europe-Iran talks

DUBAI, Oct 11 (Reuters) - A French minister said in remarks published on Monday that European states were seeking closer ties with Iran but several issues, including security and arms matters, were standing in the way of candid dialogue ... FULL TEXT

Iranian oil minister says production cuts could be extended

TEHRAN, Oct 10 (AFP) - Iran said Sunday that OPEC countries should maintain their production cuts up to the agreed date of March 2000 and possibly beyond it ... FULL TEXT

Iran to allow US and other foreign investors in industry

TEHRAN, Oct 12 (AFP) - The Iranian government has decided to open up its mining and metal industries, the most important in the country after oil, to foreign investors, including from the United States, an official said Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Post-Rushdie, Iran welcome back at book fair

FRANKFURT, Oct 12 (Reuters) - With the death threats against British author Salman Rushdie now easing, the world's biggest book fair on Tuesday welcomed back Iranian publishers for the first time in 10 years ... FULL TEXT

Popular guy

Tehran (Hamshahri) - The number of visitors to Iranian monuments has increased 16 percent compared to last year. The most popular site: Ferdowsi's tomb with nearly a million visitors ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Hi-tech digs

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Some 100 archaeology students are participating in unearthing ancient ruins near Takestan using new, more comprehensive methods and all the gathered information is being stored in computers ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran denies Danish vicotry

Oct 10, (Iran Sports Press) -- The soccer match between Iran and Denmark started with the ball being mostlyin the midfield. The first real chance of the match was in 17th min when a cross ball came into the box for Sand who headed the ball to Thomassen, who then had a shot at goal. Tabatabaie punched the ball, which was eventually cleard from the goal by Zarincheh. There were many chances in the match but most of them were for Denmark ... FULL TEXT

Tabatabie: star of the match

Tehran (Iran daily) - Hadi Tabatabaie was clearly the star of the match against Denmark. He made several brilliant saves, denying the Danes of almost certain victory ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Wrestling: forgettable year

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Iranian wrestlers return from Turkey after a disappointing 4th place in the world championships ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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The press has become a human-rights victim in Iran 's political struggle. The only way to protect press freedom is to write it clearly into law.

-- Hanny Megally
Human Rights Watch
October 12, 1999

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