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Wednesday October 27, 1999 / Aban 5, 1378, No. 835

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Chai, shirini and the Internet
Loving two of Tehran's cafes for very different reasons

By Laleh Khalili
October 27, 1999
The Iranian

I have two favorite cafes in Tehran. They belong to different times, different epochs even. Chineh cyber-cafe in the very upmarket and exclusive Qeitarieh neighborhood is the first true Internet cafe in Iran. I like Chineh because in its small, calm and quiet confines, there seems to be an air of individuality, a polite recognition of a space within which one can lose herself in solitude like nowhere else in an Iranian common space

Cafe Naderi is also my sanctuary, and I love it in a completely different way. Here in Cafe Naderi, the composition of the crowd changes from day to day and even from hour to hour, but it changes just a little. This is my favorite place in Tehran for people-watching, and on several occasions, I have actually arrived at the cafe at breakfast time (around 8:00 a.m.) and chosen to stay on until mid-afternoon, devouring my daily dose of six newspapers, endless cups of tea or Turkish coffee, and -- I am ashamed to admit -- too many rich, light, sinful cream-puffs ordered specially from Naderi Confectionery next door ... GO TO FEATURE


Iran Faces Turning Point
Gaining power, women are winning one change at a time

San Jose Mercury News
Washington Bureau

QOM, Iran -- On the women's side of the prayer hall, under the giant golden dome where the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini is entombed beside his son, Fatima pulls her chador over her head and searches for a sympathetic face.

Fatima is a striking woman, even with her face and figure shrouded in black. But in Iran, where there are few opportunities for mature women to attract men, it takes more than good looks to get or keep a husband. Thousands of divorced Iranian women are like Fatima: penniless and homeless, forced to prowl shrines such as Khomeini's tomb to beg for charity ... FULL TEXT


I want to learn Persian

Ali ishan Ozturk writes:


Esme man Ali ihsan OZTURK. Man der Turkiye der daneshgah der rishteye zebane ve edebiyati Farsi tahsil mi konem ve daneshju hastem. Man ahle Turkiye hastem. Az shoma yek chezi mi khahem. Eger momkene mi tevani be man komek be koni. Man zebane Farsi ra mi khahem yad begirem.

More Letters

* Raise the bar

Ali Shemirani writes: Mr. Alikhani writes an admirable piece on one's perspectives of how we impact our society.

It is worthy to mention that one has to be a good human being first and foremost. So often we try to categorize ourselves by using so many different issues. It doesn't matter if one's an Egyptian, an Icelander, a Cruzan, or an Iranian. What matters most, when reflected upon, was how this one individual impacted his/her society.

Mr. Alikhani's grandfather certainly did significant things to impact his neighbors and friends. However, everyone, in one shape or another, directly or indirectly has an impact on society. That is how U.S. has become such a melting pot with a diverse--some may argue-- socio-economic background ... FULL TEXT

* Distilling an identity

Ramin Abhari writes: I keep checking out because, every once in a while, hidden among record promos and not-so-funny conversation bits, there is an article that completely brings me to tears. These unprofessional articles, often written in less than perfect English, move me more than any well-researched study or master reporting from Iran. I guess, as they say in Persian, if it comes from the heart it reaches the heart (ageh az del biyaad, beh del mishineh).

And so it was with Mr. Alikhani's recent article "Stop or go?". I think it moved me because it dealt with a subject that I have wrestled with many times since leaving Iran -- the search for one's identity when living away from the source of identification ... FULL TEXT

* Literature: * Exile & gender - Berkeley

"Center for Dialogue" presents: "An Exiled's View of Gender", A lecture by Maliheh Tirehgol, member of Association of Iranian Writers in Exile and the author of "An Introduction to Persian Literature in Exile". Date: Sunday November 7, 1999 -- Time: 6:00 PM -- Place: 2040 Valley Life Science Building, University of California, Berkeley. Lecture in Persian.


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* Moraba-ye shirin (1998)
By Houshang Moradi Kermani
92 pages.

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More news

Khatami in Paris, police swoop on dissidents

PARIS, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami began a three-day trip to France on Wednesday amid noisy protests and police raids to round up opponents of the first visit by an Iranian head of state since the 1979 Islamic revolution ... FULL TEXT

Chirac raises plight of arrested Jews with Iranian president

PARIS, Oct 27 (AFP) - French President Jacques Chirac raised the plight of 13 Iranian Jews facing a possible death sentence over charges of spying for Israel, during talks with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami here Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Paris police operation against Iranian opposition

PARIS, Oct 27 (AFP) - French police arrested some 30 people in dawn raids against Iranian opposition circles around Paris Wednesday shortly before Iranian President Mohammad Khatami was due to arrive for an historic visit, Iranian opposition sources said ... FULL TEXT

Washington salutes Iranian efforts to rejoin the international community

WASHINGTON, Oct 27 (AFP) - Washington welcomed Iran's efforts to return to the international community as President Mohammad Khatami made an official visit to France ... FULL TEXT

U.S. Spokesman Offers Iran Unconditional Talks

TEHRAN (Reuters) - A senior U.S. official was quoted by an Iranian newspaper Wednesday offering face-to-face, unconditional negotiations between Washington and Tehran to forge ``more normal'' relations after two decades of hostilities ... FULL TEXT

Nuclear Lab Computers Limit Access

WASHINGTON (AP) - Scientists from sensitive countries such as China or Iran are to be barred from connecting with Energy Department computers that contain even unclassified information beneficial to a nuclear weapons programs, says a department official ... FULL TEXT

Scientists call for release of students

About Iran... has received the following letter from the Committee of Concerned Scientists in defense of detained Iranian students and other pro-democracy students which is addressed to Secretary General Kofi Annan and High Commissioner Mary Robinson ... FULL TEXT

US man pleads guilty to faking visas for Iranians

LOS ANGELES, Oct 26 (AFP) - A man from suburban Los Angeles pleaded guilty to participating in an immigration fraud ring that faked documents for Iranians to obtain US visas or political asylum, federal prosecutors here said Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Alstom announces Iran contract as President Khatami visits France

PARIS, Oct 27 (AFP) - French engineering group Alstom announced on Wednesday it had won a contract of 192 million euros (203 million dollars) from the Iran state railway company to provide 100 diesel-electric locomotive engines ... FULL TEXT

War films

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Those who want to make loans about the Iran-Iraq War will be given government loans up to 12 million tomans ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Preserving Tut Tower

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - The Tut Tower, a Qajar-era watch tower, has been listed by the Cultural Heritage Foundation for preservation ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Wrestling exchange

Tehran (Iran daily) - Iran will attend the World Wrestling championships in Washington DC and the U.S. team will take part in international matches in Tehran ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Mianvand wants out

Tehran (Iran daily) - Mehrdad Minavand wants to leave the Austrian soccer league at the end of his contract, which ends soon. His coach isn't happy ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Khatami, describing his three-day trip amid heavy security as ''a historic step,'' told reporters he had a fruitful meeting in which he pleaded for a ``pluralist world, one without domination and where all countries lived in peaceful co-existence.''

-- Reuters report from Paris
October 27, 1999

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