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Tuesday August 31, 1999 / Shahrivar 9, 1378, No. 796

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Modern khaastegaari
I always thought this game was a set up for disaster, but...

By Halima Asad
August 31, 1999
The Iranian

After being away from Iran for more than twenty years, I didn't expect to return to the U.S. with a husband. However, everyone seemed to think that the ancient Iranian marriage ritual was awaiting me.

It all started at the airport when I arrived at Tehran's Mehrabad International. The passport control officer looked at my documents, including the fact that I entered the country without a valid passport. Then he smiled gently and said, "You are returning after 23 years in America? Are you coming to get married?" ... GO TO FEATURE


Iran's new gateway makes steady progress

BY: Gunter Endres
Jane's Airport Review
September 1, 1999

By the end of 2000, Tehran, capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will have a new US$1 billion airport capable of handling 4.5 million passengers and 120,000 tonnes of cargo. Work on the new Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA), being built 35km to the southwest of Tehran between the Qum and Saveh highways, started in 1994 and Phase I construction work is more than 60% complete ... FULL TEXT

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Ms. Acid

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Yakovitz, I am writing on behalf of Sketches and Oils by C. Acid. Ms. Acid is an upcoming visual and performance arts artist located in the St.Louis Area. She is intersted in exhibiting her work and linking with your site.

If you could please review our site, as we have yours at, and let us know if we meet your requirements for links and exhibiting purposes, etc. and send us any information on joining organziations, or what have you , we would gladly appreciate it.

More Letters

* Can men cook rice?

Yasaman Mottaghipour writes: I enjoyed reading your article in The Iranian ["Rice, Iranian style"], even though I was warned (feminist?) not to read on.

I found a lot of similarities in my own life. Every night straight to the kitchen after work and most of the time cooking rice. Here in my home everybody thinks preparing rice with a rice cooker is just fine (under cover work has been done!). Also my friend calls when it is time to wash dishes, so I get away from it (organized feminism?!).

The main difference between us is that when I was twenty, surprisingly, I did not want to change the world. Now, my only concern is your son. When he grows up you could call him and ask him what he is cooking for dinner. Is it realistic to expect this from a man?

* Cat out of the bag

Cyrus writes: Just wanted to tell you that I liked the piece you wrote in defense of the Jews ["I must be a Jew"]. Its about time the cat come out the bag!

How can we Iranians claim we deserve a democracy back in our motherland when even overseas we have our prejudices against this group or that group!?

When people like you shed light on anti-Semitism and prejudice, in time, it helps the whole Iranian community to think about this issue and hopefully, someday, do away with prejudice all togeter.

So, keep up the good work!

* Trade: Pre-Millennium mixer in Washington, DC

The Iranian Trade Association would like to thank all of its valued members, patrons, and friends in Washington, DC for the generous support we have received over the past year. So we are inviting you to a special "Member Appreciation & Pre-Millennium Mixer", open to the general public. Come and enjoy fine refreshments and good company while discussing what to expect from ITA, Congress, and U.S.-Iran engagement in the next millennium. We want to hear from you! Date/Venue Thursday, September 9, 1999 at the Hyatt Regency Capital Hill 400 New Jersey Ave., NW , Washington DC 20001. Tel: 202-737-1234. Time: 5:30 pm7:30 pm, complimentary mixer in The Main Lobby Bar, 7:30 pm.9:30 pm, optional dinner at the Park Promenade Restaurant ($30+ per person, payable at the door).

Books of the Week

* Do gharib (1998)
Letters from two friends in Iran and abroad
By Farideh Golbou

* Yek ruz maandeh beh eid-e paak (1998)
By Zoya Pirzad

* Istgaah-e aabshaar (1999)
Back when we were just kids...
By Parviz Davaie

* Talkhaak (1998)
Love story, best selling novel
By Nasser Karami

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Video of the Week

Life and Nothing More
(Zendegi va digar hich)

Abbas Kiarostami's film investigates the aftermath of a devastating 1990 earthquake which killed thousands of people in northern Iran. In many ways the most beautiful and powerful Iranian film. Directed by Abbas Kiarostami. Farsi with English subtitles.

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More news

Four European hostages released in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) - Four Europeans held hostage by drug traffickers in Iran for more than two weeks were released unharmed Tuesday, Iranian state media reported. ``An informed source said here Tuesday evening that a group of five tourists comprising of one Iranian and four Europeans ... were released by their kidnappers at around 20:30 hours local time Tuesday,'' Iran's news agency IRNA said ... FULL TEXT

Chief justice to hold rare meetings with ministers

TEHRAN, Aug 30 (AFP) - The new head of Iran's judiciary system will hold highly unusual meetings with the foreign and interior ministers, Iranian sources said Monday, as the courts prepare to try 13 Iranian Jews on charges of spying for Israel ... FULL TEXT

No coalition between Iran 's moderate party with conservatives

August 29 , Teheran (Deutsche Presse / dpa) - There is to be no link-up between the moderates close to President Mohammad Khatami and the conservative opposition to form a coalition for next year's parliamentary elections, the Teheran daily Khordad reported Sunday ... FULL TEXT

Iran slams Israel's purchase of German submarine

TEHRAN, Aug 31 (Reuters) - Iran on Tuesday condemned Israel for acquiring a German submarine reported to be capable of launching nuclear-tipped missiles, saying it threatened Middle East security ... FULL TEXT

Saudi,Iran urge OPEC to focus on oil stocks

DUBAI, Aug 31 (Reuters) - Leading oil producers Saudi Arabia and Iran are urging their fellow OPEC members to look at oil stock levels, not just prices, when determining the group's production policies ... FULL TEXT

U.S. fails to win any Iranian wheat orders

London, aug. 31, IRNA - U.S. grain suppliers have failed to secure any wheat orders from Tehran this season, despite being given recent waivers by washington to export to Iran ... FULL TEXT

Caspian ecology endangered - Iran expert

RASHT, Iran, Aug 31 (Reuters) - The Caspian Sea, the world's largest inland sea, faces a potential ecological disaster due to heavy pollution, overfishing and public indifference towards the environment, an Iranian expert said on Tuesday. ... FULL TEXT

War movies: Yawn

Tehran, (Neshat) - Seminar organized for a discussion about war movies turns out to be a big yawn. None of the invited directors show up ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Turkish music copied on Iranian radio

Tehran, (Neshat) - The music you hear on Iranian radio sounds less and less Iranian and more and more Turkish, so argues Ali Akbar Qazi-Zadeh ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Zangeneh's popular album

Tehran, (Neshat) - Pari Zangeneh only collaborated on the making of the "Hezaar aavaa" music album but already it's referred to as the "Pari Zangeneh" album. And it's selling well. Meanwhile Qassem Afshar's "Khaab-e geryeh-haa" has shot up the Pop album chart ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran WILL play soccer in U.S.

Tehran, (Neshat) - According to the public relations head of the Iranian soccer federation, Iran will play three international friendly matches in the U.S. in January 2000 ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Abedzadeh: Benched

Tehran, (Neshat) - Abedzadeh will be on the injured list for at least three more weeks. He's recovering from knee surgery ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Two Asian weightlifting medials

Tehran, (Neshat) - Mehdi Panzavan has wom a silver and bronze medal at the Asian weightlifting championships ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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In this day and age, women do not get married because the husband has a lot of horses or is able to protect the tribe.

-- Asad
"Modern khaastegaari"
The Iranian
August 31, 1999

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